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How to Download Video 60 FPS for Free: The Top Websites and Apps

When I record video at 60 fps on my iPhone 8, and then try to download the videos from iCloud to my PC, they are at 30 fps. Is there a way to keep them at their original quality? I need to 60 fps to use for slow motion in Adobe Premiere Pro.

download video 60 fps

I downloaded iCloud for Windows on my PC and now the videos are downloading through that at their original size, thank you so much for the help! I had been trying to figure this out for hours and hours.

I have "optimize iPhone storage" chosed instead of "download and keep originals" in my iCloud photos settings, but it says underneath this option that "Full-resolution versions can be downloaded from iCloud anytime". So to me that means that the videos I see on my phone are resized to save space, but the videos should be full size in iCloud, which isn't the case when I try to download them to my PC.

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