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David Bell
David Bell

Episode 1.14 Online Free

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Episode 1.14 Online Free


I went to the taping of this episode last night (4/15).Leonard bids on ebay for a miniature Time Machine prop from the movie. His bid of $800 was just for fun, since he thinks that he would definitely be outbid...but of course he ends up winning. The gang is all there and decide to put in $200 each and share the prop. Turns out, the prop is a full size time machine from the movie. They are all very surprised at its size and have difficulty getting it up the stairs. As an aside, Sheldon and Leonard have an exchange regarding the elevator being broken for 2 years. While bringing it up the stairs, Penny comes out late for work and can't get past them. Sheldon suggests she go to the roof of the building and jump over to the other building and go down in that building, which she actually ends up doing. The gang gets the time machine in the living room and lay down a rotation of who gets it and rules when using it. Penny bursts in, very upset saying that she never made it to work because of their idea. She yells at them for being childish and immature with all their comics and props and stuff. Leonard takes this to heart. He is up in the middle of the night thinking about what she said, then decides to sell his entire comic, action figure, costume, prop, etc collection to the comic book store, since he feels he needs to grow up. While in the hall outside the door, the three others are trying to stop Leonard from doing this and Penny comes out wondering what's going on. After hearing what Leonard's doing, she is proud of him and in a daring move, he starts to ask her on a date. Right then, her boyfriend comes running up the stairs and he and Penny go in her apartment. Seeing this, the group all freeze, waiting for Leonard's reaction, dramatic pause....then he yells it's his turn on the time machine and they all go sprinting back in their apartment, with good old Leonard back. Whew, that's a lot of writing. It was a fun time, and took about 3 1/2 hours to tape. They had a couple segments already taped that we just watched on the monitors and they recorded our laughing. I'll check back here to see if anyone has questions about the episode or the experience of watching it taped live.

What is Ironic is that in the previous weeks before I ever saw this episode I was searching all over online to find a miniature replica of the Time Machine for sale. The miniatures I did find were being sold between $850. -$1000. Way too unaffordable for me! I don't recall what it would cost for a large model. I think there was one going for about $4000, quite a bit more than the $800 one that Leonard found on eBay. Heck! For that price I would be glad to have bought the full size model.


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