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Dupont Stonetech Oil Stain Remover Where To Buy

The StoneTech professional oil stain remover for natural stone is a superior, citrus solvent-based poultice especially formulated for removing stubborn oil-based stains. The stain remover easy to use, will not discolor natural stone, and produces no residue. The stain remover has the ability to pull out deep, stubborn stains, all while being VOC compliant. This natural citrus solvent is safe on food contact surfaces provides coverage from 1/2 to one square foot of surface area at 1/4-inch thickness. The product is compatible with marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo and sandstone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and grout, masonry, and concrete. From the Manufacturer Professional oil stain remover for natural stone. Citrus solvent-based poultice formulated for removing stubborn oil-based stains. Provides coverage from 1/2 to 1-Square Feet of surface area at 1/4-Inch thickness. Will not discolor natural stone and produces no residue. VOC compliant

dupont stonetech oil stain remover where to buy

I recently noticed a dark staining along the edge of our bowed island. This is where our kids eat. In all likelihood, a babysitter used a household cleaner to wipe down the edge of the counter after a meal. Looking for suggestions of how best to remove the stain. Do I give it a go myself? Leave it to the professionals? TIA

I had some tomatoes sitting on my quartzite in the plastic container from the grocery store and the tomato on the bottom leaked through the small holes in the plastic container onto the stone. The juice may have been there a couple of days because I did not notice the leak. The middle of the stain came out but the outer edge has not come out and I tried two different poultice removers twice. Should I try the acetone? Is this acetone nail polish remover? Where do I purchase it and what are the steps? Thank you!

This is so discou to me. we went woth white lux quartzite because we were told how durable it was and how much better than quartz. We have 4 kids and needed sometbing durable. One month in and all ive been doing is treating stains. They didnt seal the countertops and i boight some stuff on amazon that didnt work well. im going to try the oil remover and poultice and then seal with porous plus

@millietm and @Susan Duke, wondering if your white spots after use of the oil stain remover ever went away. I am trying not to freak out after removing the poultice this morning to see that the spot is much lighter almost like the area was bleached. :0 :( Thanks in advance.

A. One thing to always remember is that every granite is different based on country, color, grade, & pattern. One stain removal, sealant, refinish, etc...method may work on one and not another.One may react to the slightest water ring from a sweating glass, where the other will practically be shot by a bullet and you could never tell. I have dealt with owning White and Black Granites, and each is considerably different to how good it has to be sealed after installation, how carefully it has to be used, how hard it is to clean (regular maintenance or stains), as well as how often it has to be maintained (strip, reseal, new impregnator and/or polish). I have personally used the poultices (many recipes - some from historic times taken off the web), Acetone, Shout, and weird concoctions made from somebody's numerous laboratory experiments. Some including items like; laundry soap - the granular w/bleach and color brighteners kind, ammonia, vinegar, salts, etc... One thing I do know for sure, do not get discouraged about some stains ... keep trying. But a must is: DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING A STONE. KNOW MORE THAN THE SALESMAN.

Q. We've been in our new renovated kitchen for six months now. we chose a kashmir granite, brushed. And we have two toddlers. The granite was sealed three times before delivery and once afterwards. Our table in the kitchen, connected to island is the same brushed granite. The entire end area where my son eats is a darker, dull color now, and same situation around the cooktop. I'm guessing it's a combination of use and oil stains. How do I remove these stains? And if that's successful, how do I prevent them in the future? Is there some spray cleaner or something to use after my son eats or after I cook? I'm meticulous and always wipe down the area but I know now that's not enough. By the way, the granite shop and dealer told me it was no more porous than if I bought it polished. I disagree. Thanks for any advice.

Q. I was trying to clean the hard water off of our faucet in the bathroom and set a plastic bowl (old margarine tub) with some CLR in it on the counter. Well I guess the CLR had dribbled over the edge of the tub because when I removed the bowl I was left with nice rings of CLR stains! Does anyone know how to remove a stain remover! :) Thanks for your help.

Q. Help! My cashmere white granite is less than a month old. While I was unpacking in my new house, I started laying the items I was unpacking onto my granite countertop. Amongst those items, where 4 unlit candles which were left on the countertop overnight. The next morning as I was putting the stuff away, I noticed 4 very distinct stains, one reddish, and 3 brown/greyish stains in the shape of the bottom of the candles. What would be the best type of poultice to use on these types of stains and should this have happened? They had just been sealed! Is there anything I CAN put on my countertop?

A. The green stains you see in lighter granite is a chemical reaction between a accelerant used to dry a adhesive (similar to super glue) and feldspar, a common mineral in lighter granite. An oil removing poultice will remove it in 2-3 applications. Sometimes there will be a darker area where the poultice was but will fade in a day or two.

It is important to know all about it to make an informed decision when buying a dupont oil stain removers. This guide will help you understand how to choose a dupont oil stain removers that will meet your needs.

The products in the market are manifold. The variety of products is so high that it may be confusing to choose the right one for you. This is why we have created this guide for you to help you pick the right dupont oil stain removers easily.

The last option would be to purchase a stain remover. We recommend DuPont because they are the best on the market. The two we recommend the most are StoneTech Professional Oil Stain Remover and StoneTech Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. 041b061a72


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