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Utah Wild And Beautiful !FREE!

Today, we explore some national parks of great beauty in the American West.Millions of people from all over the world visit the state of Utah every year. One reason is the many national parks. These are areas of great natural beauty that are protected by the United States government. More than 350 national parks can be found in the United States. Today we will visit four of them -- all in the state of Utah. These parks include huge colored rock formations, rivers, waterfalls, beautiful trees, other plants and many different kinds of wild animals.

Utah Wild and Beautiful


Most people who visit America's national parks bring a camera and take many pictures. They want to enjoy again and again the natural beauty of the rocks, plants and wild animals. But many who have seen the parks we have described today say that such pictures cannot really capture the huge, beautiful areas of land. These visitors say that they will never forget the beauty of the four national parks in Utah.This program was written by Nancy Steinbach. It was produced by Mario Ritter. You can read this report online and download audio at I'm Faith Lapidus. And I'm Steve Ember. Join us again next week for EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English.

Choose SIXT for your Utah car rental and book a luxury model to tour this wild and beautiful state. With many stylish luxury models to choose from, you can comfortably explore Zion National Park, hit the slopes or cruise the streets of Salt Lake City. Make your rental complete with GPS so you stay on track, or child seats so everyone rides safely.

Our namesake is the chile-tepin pepper. As the only wild chile native to the U.S., the chile-tepin is very small in size and has an extremely pungent flavor with a distinctive, smoky bite. It is rated very hot, 8-9 on a scale of 10. At Chile-Tepin we use this beautiful little wild-harvested pepper in many of our sauces and dishes.

Our program...Scout Camp ProgramCamp Loll is located one mile south of the Yellowstone Park boundary and four miles north of Grand Teton National Park. Its location on the one and one-half mile long Lake of the Woods is one of the most beautiful in the American wilderness.


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