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Mozmill 2.0.7 And 2.0.8 Have Been Released

The Firefox Automation team would like to announce the release of mozdownload 1.12. Without any other release of our universal download tool in the last 7 months, a couple of nice new features and bug fixes will make this release even more useful. You can upgrade your installation easily via pip, or by downloading it from PyPI. Changes in 1.12 Display selected build when downloading (#149) Add support for downloading B2G desktop builds (#104) Download candidate builds from candidates/ and not nightly/ (#218) Add Travis CI build status and PyPIContinue readingmozdownload 1.12 has been released

Mozmill 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 have been released

As of now we have released a new version of mozdownload. The 1.10 release contains a couple of new features, bug fixes, and absolutely to mention a suite of tests. A big thank you goes here to Johannes and Jarek. Both spend a lot of time again, to make it a successful and lesser bug prone release. Here some major items to highlight: Addition of tests for all types of scrapers and a lot for command line options Output of all candidate builds founds if build number has been specifiedContinue readingMozdownload 1.10 released

Something we have learned over the weekend was: Never say never. After we have released the 1.5.11 release of Mozmill on April 19th, we were sure to not have to ship any other release off this branch. We want to concentrate our work on Mozmill 2.0 and get it out as soon as possible. But things can change, and sometimes faster as expected. So by last Friday (it was already late in the evening) Mike Conley contacted me on IRC and mentioned that Mozmill will be broken starting with tomorrowsContinue readingMozmill 1.5.12 released 076b4e4f54


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