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Buy Fence Slats

Fence slats are flat tubular plastic extrusions which are inserted into any type of chainlink fencing toaddbeauty and privacy to both sides of fence. Once installed, Fence slats are virtually maintenance free. Salt, sand and road dirt will not harm the slats in any way. Due to the UV inhibited thermo plastic design, Fence slats will not fade, chip or discolor for at least 15 years.For over 30 years, Discount Fence Supply, Inc. has been offering the same PVT fence slats products have been changing the look of chain link fences. Privacy fence slats provide privacy security and enhance the aesthetics of chain link and ornamental fence systems. The privacy weave product line represents innovation, diversity and quality.

buy fence slats

The Top-Lock Slat provides an economical and attractive way to enhance any chain link fence. Filtrona Extrusion is the largest manufacturer of Top-Lock Slats, which are marketed under the PDS brand name. With over 25 years of experience extruding these products and an exclusive, patented, locking design, you are assured of the highest standards in quality - from the raw materials used in manufacturing to the finished product in your fence. This design utilizes a top-locking mechanism located near the top of the slats to ensure a clean, straight edge, further enhancing its appearance.

Privacy decorative fence slats can add privacy to your chain link fence, used as a wind screen, used as a sound barrier and help beautify chain link fences. We try to carry every type of slat on the market. If you are looking for a slat we do not carry please call or e-mail us. When comparing privacy fence slat prices on the Internet, please make sure shipping is included in the price.

I ordered some slats a few years ago from a company on the Internet that was inexpensive. They faded and almost turned white within the first year. I guess you get what you pay for. Come to find out they were made overseas and the company wouldn't own up to their warranty. I'm glad I found your company and that your slats are made in the good ole USA. The slats from your company have been installed for a while now and are the exact same color as when I put them in the fence. Thanks! San Jose, CA

I just finished installing the Feather Lock fence slats in the fence in my back yard and they look great. They do a good job of blocking out the view of a rather ugly alley. My order arrived a less than a week after I placed it.Good product, good service.Thanks,Dave, Sierra Vista, Arizona

I purchased the white Ultimate Slats after reviewing the sample kit that you had available for purchase online. The sample kit was a great way to see the colors as well as the various styles and how they fit. We were very pleased with the fast delivery and quality of your slats. They are well made and look great when installed. We did a long section first to block out our neighbor. The slats were extremely easy to install and we trimmed a few on the ends where needed due to fence problems on the bottom. I just used a pruning clipper which was fast and easy. We did have a slight problem with one section going up a hill where the fence installer took a shortcut and didn't line up the fence correctly. The slats looked nice in that area but were slanted slightly. We plan on putting a pot and plant in front of this section. Overall I would give your company excellent marks for delivery, quality, customer service and selection. The price was very reasonable as well. By the way, I'm 73 years old. TedEncinitas, CA

I am so pleased with the finished chain link fence. I installed 8 sections of Option Lock slats in gray on my 4 ft high green fence. Looks great and was very easy to install. My fence divides my property from the neighbors and we both get a great look from either side. Great product, good price, prompt shipment, what more could I ask for. Highly recommend the product. JudyEast Hartford, CT

Last month I ordered feather lock slats for my chain link fence and they were exactly as described, they arrived in 4 days way faster than I anticipated, was an easy installation and over all a great experience. Want to thank all personal at your company for a great product. Satisfied customer. Thanks, Gary from Ramona CA.

Most people building their own fence should use pre-made fence panels due to the ease of installation and time saved; especially when building a vinyl fence. However, if the yard is sloped or there are outdoor pets, the fence should be built using individual pickets instead.

Fence pickets are the individual wood boards used to construct a fence, often shaped with a pointed or rounded top. Fence panels are pre-built sections of fencing using those pickets.

Fence pickets and fence panels are ultimately the same things once constructed. The main difference is pertaining to what you are purchasing and installing. Buying fence pickets means you are building a fence from scratch and fence panels are a way you can build a fence quicker, easier, although at a little more financial cost.

Pre-made fence panels, or just fence panels, are sections of fence that have been prebuilt. Building a fence with fence panels, then, means that rather than having to set the posts, setup the braces, and install each individual picket (or more depending on the fence being built), all that needs to be done is set the posts and install the pre-built sections of fence.

Unfortunately, going to Home Depot or Lowes and buying their pre-made fence panels is not a great idea if you are looking for a quality fence. Built with thin, cheap wood and installed with staples rather than nails or, better yet, screws, their pre-made panels are definitely not built to last.

By buying straight from a lumber company or fencing company, the fence panels will be of high-quality and properly built. Additionally, buying fence panels from them will guarantee that your fence pickets are all high quality and properly and equally sized.

One of the greatest advantages that fence panels have over fence pickets is the ease of use. It is drastically easier to build a fence with fence panels than it is to build one from scratch, just by principle alone. The fewer pieces that have to be managed, the easier a task is.

Building a fence with fence panels also significantly reduces the amount of time that it takes to build a fence. Seeing as the sections of the fence are prebuilt, time does not need to be spent installing each individual picket perfectly.

However, if you are building your fence alone, fence panels will be more trouble than they are worth. Fence panels are heavy and awkward to lift; let alone install on your own. Having one or two others to help install the fence is basically a must when building with fence panels.

Luckily, buying fence panels costs around the same as building the fence from scratch. Of course, you can spend much more when building a fence from scratch. Having infinite possibilities and options is not always the best for your checkbook. Generally, however, the cost will be about the same.

Every contractor I know prefers to build fences from scratch rather than use panels. The ability to build the fence not only how they like to, but exactly how the customer wants it, is a valuable thing to be able to do.

Gaps under the fence and outdoor pets go about as well together like oil and water. No one wants to come home and find that their dog has escaped through the gap between the fence and yard. Likewise, no one wants their dog to easily be able to dig a tiny little hole to make it through the fence.

Pets are wonderful additions to our families and lives. Should you be concerned about building a fence by scratch by yourself, hiring a fencing company could definitely be worth the time they save you.

Unless you are someone with extreme D.I.Y. talent, vinyl fences should generally be built by the panel rather than by picket. Vinyl fences are just really complicated to build from scratch by individual pickets if you can even find individual pickets to buy.

The benefits you get from building a wooden fence from scratch, while still carrying over to vinyl fences, are just not worth the effort and time it takes to build a vinyl fence by picket.

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether fence panels or building from scratch are the better option for you. Whichever option you decide to go with, we hope it will last you for years to come.

We at Fence Frenzy absolutely love taking on the challenge of building, or even restoring, a fence. Especially elaborate and exotic fence designs that really make us scratch our heads! We're happy to share everything we've learned with you.

One of the main confusions we see among customers is the panel versus picket conversion. Many homeowners are under the impression that fences are built by the panel and then attached at a post. In reality, this is usually only the case for faux wood or vinyl materials.

Typically for real wood fencing, materials are sold by the picket. This can help homeowners to customize the look of their structures while maintaining a consistent quality throughout every picket surface. Buying by the picket also allows for more precision with length and dimensions. Ultimately for any professional fence build, buying by the picket is preferred.

The main difference between fence panels and pickets is that panels are pre-made sections of a fence that would have otherwise been taken up with roughly 10 to 20 pickets. Because of this, panels are usually a composite or vinyl material that has been manufactured to be that size. Wood panels exist but they are less common due to the process of building them.

Pickets generally come in a 1 to 2 inch thickness and 5 to 8 inches wide. These generally extend 4 to 8 feet depending on the level of privacy needed. Pickets are well-liked among contractors and other builders because they are easy to work with and allow for more flexibility in design. Essentially, panels are pre-made fence faces that join into posts and pickets are the building blocks to create this fence face in place of a panel. 041b061a72


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