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The Everything Bachelorette Party Book: Throw A Party That The Bride And Her Friends Will Never Forg

This is the perfect theme for the bride who has a sense of humor and wants a wild night out with her bachelorettes! She will be the center of attention bar hopping in our Same Pen*s Forever headband & sash set or have a girls night in and play naughty party games! Check out our HUGE selection of Same Pen*s Forever party supplies for more ideas!

The Everything Bachelorette Party Book: Throw A Party That The Bride And Her Friends Will Never Forg

Is the Bride so close with her friends that they are almost like family? Then the Boho Bride Tribe theme party is the right one for you! Have your party outdoors and choose a color palette of metallic silver, rose gold, white and charcoal gray with motifs of arrow shapes or chevrons. Get each bachelorette a matching shirt that says Bride tribe. Decorate with wild flowers and natural wood tones. Have every bachelorette wear flowers in their hair for an awesome effect in photos.

If you can't head to the beach, then bring the beach to the Bride with a beach themed bachelorette party! Decorate with tropical motifs like palm trees and hibiscus flowers in pink and lime green! Have guests wear beach inspired outfits, and give every guest a Lei as they arrive! Serve tropical drinks with special drink umbrellas or picks! Give the Bride a beach themed gift (like a Bride Beach Towel or flip flops) - that she can hopefully use on her beach honeymoon!

Trend alert - rose gold is a soft feminine metallic color that looks great on the bride to be! Deck the bride out in a rose gold shirt or sash and get the bridal party matching rose gold shirts. Decorate for the event with metallic rose gold tableware. Try a sequin rose gold table cloth or runner, metallic rose gold balloons - the effect with be stunning and memorable!

Give your bachelorette party a sporty theme - team bride! Give each bachelorette a "team bride" shirt or button and let the games begin! Pit the bachelorettes against the bachelors in fun sporty games like baseball or flag football, or drinking games like beer pong. Either way it will be a party to remember!

Bring all of the bridal party and the bride to a party with pink bandannas, cowboy hats, western boots and a helluva good time! Find a saloon with a mechanical bull and start the bachelorette party with a bull riding contest! Give a prize for sexiest ride, longest ride and most awkward ride, then head to the dance floor for some line dancing fun! Decorate your area with pink Cowgirl theme supplies for a festive touch!

A zombie bachelorette party is an epic idea for wild bachelorettes that love to dress up or a party in October. Meet before your night out for a zombie makeup party, where you have some drinks, snack on some brains shaped appetizers and apply your zombie makeup to each other! Dress in over he top Bride and bachelorette outfits, then add your zombie makeup for an amazing effect! Be sure to take lots of pictures throughout the night (you are going to want to capture this moment!). Add a bachelorette sign to your limo, along with blood splatter clings to complete the effect.

For Game of thrones enthusiasts, this theme has a lot of appeal! Start by asking every bachelorette to come as their fave game of thrones character! To decorate, plan a thrown for the Bride, use medieval decor, and throw in a few dragons in for effect. Serve desserts like cake pops that look like heads on spikes, or dragons eggs and serve a special theme cocktails in a metal-look goblets. Grab the Game of Thrones board game and challenge the party-goers to an epic battle!

If my sister or I ever have a second marriage, I'm sure this will be bachelorette party theme! Fans of the HGTV show love the banter between Chip and Joanna Gaines as well as the home makeovers! Start by snagging an entire season of the show on DVD to play at the party. Watch the DVD in advance and come up with trivia questions about the program, or make the party more wild by choosing a "drink word" (I suggest "shiplap" because its Joanna's favorite so it comes up in every episode!) Serve Joanna's favorite cupcakes as a snack during the show!

If the Bride and her bachelorettes are hard-core athletes, then this bachelorette theme will be the ultimate party of a lifetime. Plan your marathon months in advance (and not too close to the Wedding day!) so everyone can train properly to avoid injury. On the day of the event, plan to meet before the race for a power breakfast and warm-up together. Pass out matching shirts for each girl, and try to stick together during the race for support. After the race, stretch out as a group, then hit a local burger joint for burgers and spiked milkshakes!

The Bride's favorite band and a night out with her squad will make a concert theme bachelorette party something that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Get a list of the Bride's fave bands several months before the party. Watch the concert schedule carefully to make sure you can book the moment tickets become available. Book a limo to take the Bride and her bachelorettes to the show. Try to book a VIP experience for the group if possible, for an extra wild night!

Give a part of the Bride's house a makeover in this HGTV theme bachelorette party idea! Plan the makeover idea with the Bride in advance, and gather any supplies needed. Email the bachelorettes and tell them the extreme home makeover plan that you devised with the Bride. Have each guest arrive in paint clothes and get to work. Make an upbeat playlist of the Bride's favorite songs to keep the bachelorettes painting. Be sure to take before and after pictures of the room(s) and the bachelorettes. After the project is over enjoy some drinks together and admire your hard work. This will help the Bride feel calm before the Wedding, her place looks great!

You don't have to be a ballerina to enjoy the workout a barre class provides, and with the Wedding fast approaching, the Bride will love the chance to get a last workout in with her best friends! Find a local studio and arrange a private class for your bachelorette group. Have everyone dress in the same color (the Bride's favorite) and have the Bride in all white so she stands out in the photos. Put the Bride front and center in the room (near the instructor) and take lots of pics during the class. After the class, provide refreshments for the group like smoothies and a bachelorette party favor. Ask the barre studio to give complimentary class certificates to the Bride and her bachelorettes, so everyone can try it again after the Wedding.

If the Bride's favorite meal is breakfast, then send her off to married life with the breakfast of a lifetime! Choose a breakfast establishment that the Bride favors and book a room or table well in advance. Work with the venue to plan a special brunch menu, complete with signature Bride cocktail (a version of a mimosa or bloody mary?) and a signature dish (a plate of the Bride's fave breakfast foods?) for your party. Plan to play some bachelorette games, and to open gifts for the Bride later your finish eating.

Plan a day on horseback with the bachelorettes the bride will never forget! Because skill levels may vary plan to book a supervised trail ride, or riding class with a qualified instructor. Let the instructor choose which horse is appropriate for each rider based on skill level. Take photos of each bachelorette with their horse before the ride. Take lots of group shots during the ride/class. After the class head to the local dive bar for a beer, bachelorette games and some darts or pool.

Get the bride in shape for the wedding and have fun with friends too! A 5K theme bachelorette party is a win-win! Sign the Bachelorette's up for a fun local 5K (a charity 5K is a plus!) Let them know a month or two in advance giving each bachelorette time to train for the event. Make sure each bachelorette has a matching bachelorette shirt on the day of the race. Take lots of pictures before and after the run. Give each bachelorette a special award at the end of the race to commentate the event. Party favor bags with water, protein bars, naughty candies and bath salts (for recovering) would also be a great idea!

If the Bride love the glamour of vintage pinup photos, then this theme will be a big hit! Ask each bachelorette to dress up as a pinup for the party. Send out YouTube video links to teach everyone how to achieve a special pinup hairdo, or have a stylist on hand to do it at the party! As part of the pinup theme party decorations, set up a special backdrop area and a camera for photos. Print off pinup photos to decorate. Hire a professional photographer that is familiar with pinup photos to coach everyone on a perfect pic.

Take the bride and her bachelorettes on a yacht for this fun themed party! Plan to have cocktails at the marina before the boat departs - make a signature nautical themed drink to serve along with nautical themed appetizers (stripes and anchors look best)! Have a photoshoot on board the boat - be sure to get lots of pics of the Bride steering the ship!

Book a local yoga studio for a great bachelorette party option that works during any time of the year! Have each guest wear matching bachelorette tank tops for the event! Make sure that there is lots of time built in for fun photos before, during, and after the yoga class. Give each bachelorette a post-yoga smoothy in a fun bachelorette cup as a party favor! Make the Bride feel special with a central spot in the yoga studio, a special mat, and an outfit to wear! Ask each guest to chip in on an an annual yoga membership to the studio for the Bride to be as a special gift!

This silly game makes a great theme for a bachelorette party or lingerie shower! Have each guest drop a pair of their (clean) undies in a container as they arrive. Later the bride must guest whose underwear is whose! This silly game goes great with lots of wine! Have each bachelorette bring a piece of lingerie for the Bride for her Wedding night!


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