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How to Read Bright Star by Harold Coyle on Your E-reader or Any Other Device

Harold Coyle Bright Star Epub Download

If you are looking for a thrilling and realistic military novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to check out Bright Star by Harold Coyle. This book is one of his best-selling works and has been praised by critics and readers alike for its gripping plot, vivid characters, and accurate depiction of modern warfare. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Harold Coyle, Bright Star, and how to download it as an epub file.

harold coyle bright star epub download

Who is Harold Coyle and what is Bright Star?

Harold Coyle is an American author who specializes in writing military fiction. He was born in 1952 in New Jersey and graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1974. He served in the US Army for 17 years, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel. He retired from active duty in 1992 and started his writing career. His first novel, Team Yankee, was published in 1987 and became a New York Times bestseller. Since then, he has written more than 20 novels and several short stories.

Bright Star is one of his most popular novels. It was published in 1990 and is set in the near future. It tells the story of a rapidly escalating war between Egypt and Libya that draws in US and Soviet troops despite glasnost. The novel follows the perspectives of various characters on both sides of the conflict, including soldiers, commanders, politicians, journalists, and civilians. The novel explores the themes of loyalty, courage, sacrifice, politics, diplomacy, and technology in war.

Why is Bright Star a popular military thriller?

Bright Star is a popular military thriller because it combines several elements that appeal to fans of the genre. First of all, it has a fast-paced and suspenseful plot that keeps the readers hooked from start to finish. The novel is full of action scenes that are realistic and detailed, such as commando raids, nerve gas attacks, air strikes, tank battles, and naval engagements. The novel also has a high level of accuracy and authenticity in terms of military tactics, weapons, equipment, jargon, and culture. Coyle draws on his own experience as a soldier and his extensive research to create a believable scenario that could happen in real life.

Secondly, Bright Star has a diverse and engaging cast of characters that make the readers care about their fates. The novel does not portray any side as purely good or evil, but rather shows the complexity and humanity of each individual. The readers can empathize with the motivations, emotions, and dilemmas of the characters, whether they are American, Soviet, Egyptian, Libyan, or otherwise. The novel also shows the impact of war on the personal lives and relationships of the characters, such as their families, friends, lovers, and comrades.

Thirdly, Bright Star has a relevant and thought-provoking theme that resonates with the readers. The novel examines the role and responsibility of the superpowers in a changing world order, as well as the consequences of their involvement or non-involvement in regional conflicts. The novel also raises questions about the morality and legality of war, the use of weapons of mass destruction, the role of the media and public opinion, and the possibility of peace and cooperation among nations. The novel does not offer easy answers or solutions, but rather invites the readers to reflect on their own views and values.

What are some of the reviews and ratings of Bright Star?

Bright Star has received many positive reviews and ratings from critics and readers. Here are some examples:

  • "A timely and brilliantly written novel of action that sweeps readers into the heat of battle." - New York Times

  • "A gripping tale of high-tech warfare that rivals Tom Clancy's best." - Publishers Weekly

  • "A masterful storyteller who knows how to create unforgettable characters and make readers care about them." - Library Journal

  • "One of the best military novels I have ever read. Coyle knows his stuff and tells it like it is." - W.E.B. Griffin

  • "A thrilling and realistic depiction of modern warfare that will keep you on the edge of your seat." - Amazon customer review

  • "A must-read for anyone who loves military fiction. Coyle is a genius at creating suspense and excitement." - Goodreads user review

Bright Star has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

How to download Bright Star as an epub file?

If you want to read Bright Star on your e-reader, tablet, smartphone, or computer, you will need to download it as an epub file. An epub file is a digital format that allows you to adjust the font size, style, and layout of the text to suit your preferences. Here are the steps you need to follow to download Bright Star as an epub file:

  • Go to and search for Bright Star by Harold Coyle.

  • Select the Kindle edition of the book and click on "Buy now with 1-Click". You will need to have an Amazon account and a valid payment method to complete the purchase.

  • After you buy the book, go to Manage Your Content and Devices on your Amazon account and find Bright Star in your library.

  • Select Bright Star and click on "Download & transfer via USB". You will need to have a USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

  • Select your device from the drop-down menu and click on "Download". The book will be downloaded as an azw3 file to your computer.

  • Go to Calibre, a free software that allows you to convert ebooks between different formats. Download and install Calibre on your computer.

  • Open Calibre and click on "Add books". Find the azw3 file of Bright Star on your computer and add it to Calibre.

  • Select Bright Star in Calibre and click on "Convert books". Choose epub as the output format and click on "OK". The book will be converted to an epub file in a few seconds.

  • Find the epub file of Bright Star in Calibre and click on "Save to disk". Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the file.

  • Transfer the epub file of Bright Star from your computer to your device using a USB cable or a wireless connection. You can use any app that supports epub files to open and read the book.

What are some of the benefits of reading ebooks?

Reading ebooks has many benefits compared to reading print books. Here are some of them:

What are some of the benefits of reading ebooks?

Reading ebooks has many benefits compared to reading print books. Here are some of them:

  • Ebooks are more convenient and portable. You can store thousands of ebooks on a single device and carry them with you anywhere. You can also access them anytime without having to worry about finding a bookstore, a library, or a power outlet. You can read ebooks on your e-reader, tablet, smartphone, or computer, depending on your preference and situation.

  • Ebooks are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Ebooks are usually cheaper than print books, especially if you buy them online or borrow them from digital libraries. You can also save money on shipping and handling fees, taxes, and storage space. Ebooks also require no trees to create them, which reduces deforestation and paper waste. Ebooks also consume less energy and resources than print books during production, distribution, and disposal.

  • Ebooks are more customizable and accessible. You can adjust the font size, style, and layout of the text to suit your eyesight and reading comfort. You can also change the brightness and contrast of the screen to adapt to different lighting conditions. Ebooks also offer various accessibility features for readers with disabilities, such as text-to-speech, audio narration, magnification, and color inversion. Ebooks also allow you to highlight, annotate, bookmark, and search the text easily and quickly.

  • Ebooks are more interactive and multimedia-rich. Ebooks can contain links, images, videos, animations, and sounds that enhance the message and the experience of the author. Ebooks can also provide additional information and resources through hyperlinks and references. Ebooks can also enable social reading and sharing through comments, reviews, ratings, and recommendations.

  • Ebooks are more searchable and updatable. You can easily search for any information in an ebook using keywords or phrases. You can also find related ebooks using categories, tags, or recommendations. Ebooks can also be updated and corrected by the author or publisher without having to reprint or redistribute them. You can also receive notifications and updates on new editions or versions of your favorite ebooks.

What are some other books by Harold Coyle?

If you enjoyed Bright Star, you might want to check out some other books by Harold Coyle. He has written more than 20 novels and several short stories in the military fiction genre. Here are some of his other books that you might like:

  • Team Yankee: Coyle's debut novel and a New York Times bestseller. It depicts a fictional World War III scenario in which a US tank company fights against Soviet forces in Germany.

  • Sword Point: A sequel to Team Yankee that follows the same characters in another World War III scenario in which US forces intervene in a war between Iran and Iraq.

  • Trial by Fire: A novel that explores a hypothetical US invasion of Colombia to stop drug trafficking and terrorism.

  • Code of Honor: A novel that deals with a military coup in Saudi Arabia that threatens US interests and allies in the Middle East.

  • Look Away: A novel that imagines an alternate history in which the Confederacy won the American Civil War.

How to follow Harold Coyle online?

If you want to stay updated on Harold Coyle's latest news, books, events, and insights, you can follow him online on his website and social media accounts. Here are some of his online platforms:

  • Website: You can find his biography, bibliography, blog posts, interviews, reviews, photos, videos, contact information, and more on his official website.

  • Facebook: You can like his Facebook page to get updates on his posts, events, promotions, giveaways, and more.

  • Twitter: You can follow him on Twitter to get his tweets on his thoughts, opinions, recommendations, links, and more.

  • Goodreads: You can follow him on Goodreads to see his ratings, reviews, bookshelves, quotes, and more.

  • Amazon: You can follow him on Amazon to get notifications on his new releases, deals, and more.


In conclusion, Bright Star is a great military thriller that will appeal to anyone who loves action, adventure, realism, and drama. It is written by Harold Coyle, a former US Army officer and a best-selling author of military fiction. It tells the story of a war between Egypt and Libya that involves US and Soviet troops in the near future. It has a captivating plot, compelling characters, and relevant themes that will keep you hooked until the end. You can download Bright Star as an epub file from Amazon and enjoy it on your e-reader or any other device. You can also read other books by Harold Coyle and follow him online to get more of his amazing stories.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Harold Coyle and Bright Star:

  • Q: When was Bright Star published?

  • A: Bright Star was published in 1990 by Simon & Schuster.

  • Q: How many pages does Bright Star have?

  • A: Bright Star has 432 pages in the paperback edition.

  • Q: Is Bright Star part of a series?

  • A: Bright Star is the second book in the Scott Dixon series, which follows the adventures of a US Army officer in various conflicts around the world. The first book is Sword Point.

  • Q: Is Bright Star based on a true story?

  • A: Bright Star is not based on a true story, but it is inspired by real events and situations that could happen in the near future. Coyle uses his military knowledge and research to create a realistic scenario that reflects the political and military tensions of the time.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Harold Coyle and Bright Star?

  • A: You can find more information about Harold Coyle and Bright Star on his website, social media accounts, Goodreads page, Amazon page, or by searching online.



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