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Anti Deep Freeze 6.2

Deep Freeze no longer requires Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to be installed on the target host(s). (Case No: JNY-133-56046/ TII-100-57162/IMY-826-58457/LPT-105-62620/NYD-798-57438/VRO-300-91292/PYW-236-90301/ FRV-655-69674/PDC-565-68752/KBK-451-28330/ JIK-774-24680/KBK-451-28300) Learn more.

anti deep freeze 6.2

Deep Freeze has been updated to use the new app id structure. This means that Deep Freeze will remove old, automatically-generated app ids from the catalog. Deep Freeze will also accept new app ids that do not have a corresponding record in the registry. This was introduced in Deep Freeze Update (LKH-554-103836) Learn more.

We are releasing updated Deep Freeze Client to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 server 64 bit, this includes: Fix for reboot from workstation install if the user was using the 64-bit agent on the server; Fix for Windows Installer Service not starting due to missing certificate; Fix for the OSD not updating after Deep Freeze has been rebooted into Safe mode.

The Windows 8 release of anti-freeze client has been upgraded to update the codebase to make it compatible with the latest Windows OS. This release also fixes a few issues that have been reported in the field and will include those.

Deep Freeze Client for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server 64 bit versions have been updated to patch the code to fix a licensing issue with the one-time-use workstation cards. Therefore, these releases will not be released on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Customers who have purchased these versions in the Azure Marketplace will receive a notification that a new release will be available for download in the license section.


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