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3gp Tum Karo Vaada: A Review of the Movie and Its Cast

3gp Tum Karo Vaada: A Bollywood Romantic Thriller


If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of 3gp Tum Karo Vaada, a romantic thriller that was released in 1993. The movie stars Nafisa Ali, Shammi Kapoor, and Dalip Tahil in the lead roles, and is directed by Robin Khosla.

3gp Tum Karo Vaada

The movie is about a love triangle between Ravi (Dalip Tahil), Radha (Nafisa Ali), and Raj (Shammi Kapoor). Ravi and Radha are married, but Ravi is having an affair with Raj's wife, Anita (Kunika). Raj is unaware of this, and considers Ravi as his best friend. One day, Ravi and Anita plan to kill Raj and Radha, and run away with their money. However, things go wrong when Raj survives the attack, and Radha loses her memory. Raj then decides to take revenge on Ravi and Anita, while trying to help Radha regain her memory.

The Movie Review

3gp Tum Karo Vaada is a movie that has its strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, it has an interesting plot that keeps the viewers engaged till the end. It also has some good songs composed by R.D. Burman, such as "Tum Karo Vaada", "Dil Deewana", and "Kya Hua Kya Hua". On the other hand, it has some flaws in terms of acting, logic, and editing. Some of the scenes are over-dramatic, some of the dialogues are cheesy, and some of the transitions are abrupt.

The acting of the main actors is decent, but not exceptional. Nafisa Ali does a good job as Rad b70169992d


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