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Nestor Blokhin
Nestor Blokhin

How to Perform Data Analysis Anywhere with Statistical Analysis Software Portable

import data from any supported file format. the genesis suite of programs are versatile, open-source statistical analysis programs. they feature easy data import for many common formats, powerful modeling capabilities and relatively simple export. users can choose from a large range of powerful statistical functions or can use a selection of useful tools suited to their needs. genesis is an object-oriented programming paradigm that allows the user to add new functions and to extend the existing ones. it is implemented in the c++ programming language.

Statistical Analysis Software Portable

k-mer application programs r-kite and r-km 1.5.0 also provide a series of open-source software tools that are highly user-friendly and utilize k-mer methods for inferring sequences. a complete transcriptome for the species under investigation can be assembled in a matter of minutes. then, the software can be employed to identify transcripts (such as novel mirnas and novel splicing variants) and to map genomes and transcripts for further analysis. all of these methods are integrated into the r-kite and r-km software packages, which are also freely available at

statistical analysis and visualization of complex data sets is a complex task that continues to be a major challenge. we present a new software package called numpy, which aims to offer tools to handle large datasets, particularly in the python programming language. the package contains scientific and numerical libraries, including numeric, linear algebra, fft, vector, matrix, and statistics packages.


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