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The Floor Is Lava Script 2022

HOLMES: So if you ever played a similar game to "Floor Is Lava" as a child, where you're in your living room and you can't touch the floor, and you have to try to get from one side of the room to the other, and you're walking on the table, and you're jumping on the couch, that's what this is, except shot in a giant building that used to be an IKEA, which is one of my favorite factoids. They basically filled these rooms with orange, bubbly gunk that plays the part of lava. The host, whose name is Rutledge Wood - and that's sort of who Stephen and I were paying tribute to in that intro - Rutledge Wood does a lot of voice-overs as teams of three attempt to get from one side to the other. Now, you get a point every time you get someone across out of your team of three and also for the time.

The Floor Is Lava Script 2022

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Ian gives Anthony a strange look and decides to go and pick up his Game Boy, but burns his foot on the floor, they then both realize that the floor has become lava and deduce that it is due to "Gameritis", a fictional condition where people believe everything in their game is real, just like when Ian played Grand Theft Auto and lost all sense of morality (the scene then cuts to Ian pushing Stevie out of a Mario Kart Go-Kart, stealing it and shooting him) and Anthony got addicted to Angry Birds (scene cuts to Anthony grabbing Stevie's pet parrot and throwing it at a pile of boxes to score points, and Ian shooting Stevie again). Ian and Anthony then decide to use the skills they learned playing Super Mario to cross the room over to the GBA.

Anthony is initially upset at the "loss" of his friend but then realizes his body makes a bridge across to a Wii U and walks across to it, but after he remembers there are no games for it he jumps into the lava to join Ian. While Anthony is flailing in pain, Ian wakes up and realizes he is not dead yet and continues flailing on the middle of the floor, no one has survived in this episode. 041b061a72


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