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BTG Classroom Connection Christmas Fundraiser

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Linking is encouraged and if you would like to negotiate a link exchange, please contact me.Below are several banners officially endorsed by SR-71 Online for linking to this web site. If you prefer a textlink, refer to the text link regulations.

Please save the banner image of your choice to your computer for posting to a web server. Then copy and paste the source codebelow into your web page and modify it accordingly. I ask that you save the image to your web server for both faster loading anda decrease in the number of requests made to my own server. Besides, hot linking is banned on this site. If you need assistance,feel free to write to me.

All advertisers with standard banner packages will have their banners appearing in rotation throughout various pages on the IACSP Site. Every time a page is reloaded a random banner will be displayed. Reload this page a few times to see how it works. Banners submitted to us MUST be Standard Size 468x60 Static or Animated GIF Format no larger then 20k, any Banner that does not meet this size and format requirement will be rejected. A Banner that is submitted to the IACSP must be approved and will be served from the main server. If you don't have a Banner our graphics team can create a professional Banner Ad for you, examples of our banner designs can be seen here!

Your banner will appear in rotation on the following page. & throughout various pages on the IACSP Site. NEW For 2023 Deluxe Promotion Your banner will appear in rotation on the IACSP home page.

Your primary contact will receive a custom-built dashboard that contains a co-branded landing page, personalized email invite, and custom referral banners with booth numbers from our partner, Feathr.

Below are additional marketing tools, such as a PDF invitation, web banners, and sample social media postings to promote the show. Please link all banners to: Your unique promo code for Free Registration is:

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In this kit, you will find logos, website banners, print pieces, promotional copy and more. You can use these resources to promote NRCA's Health Care Program. Details about the program can be found at

Promote your business on the Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. website with a sponsored ad banner. Our targeted audience includes all Chiefs of Police and Police Departments throughout Western Massachusetts as well as our Members, Committees, and Students attending the Basic Reserve / Intermittent Training Program at Springfield Technical Community College in Western Massachusetts. offers sponsored banners randomly rotating with each page load on three (3) site wide locations on the Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association website as well as on the Reserve / Intermittent Training Police Academy pages. Sponsors may choose top, middle, or bottom placement of banner as shown in the example below. Banners will link to sponsor's website if applicable. A bonus Business Sponsor link will also be listed on our links page.

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I am trying to make a very small banner (468x60) for a game that I play. I havecropped out some objects from screenshots and saved them as PNG files so that Ican drop them onto the banner and eventually export as a jpeg. My issue is Istart with a really decent looking image and after I scale down the image itlooks so blurry and even on a small banner is very noticeable. This is also thesame with the text, but one problem at a time. I read about using somefilter/enhance tools to sharpen up the image and haven't been successful yet.However when I open a few of these tools it has a preview window that has areally nice looking "small" version of my original PNG file. Is there any waythat I can get that quality after shrinking my image down? I have taken a photoand attached it to show the obvious difference between my image and the previewbefore applying the enhance tools. Thank you so much for your time and pleasetry super simple explanations as I am very very new into the photo editing game. 041b061a72


Online Christmas Event Dec 6- Dec 22, 2023 for BTG Classroom...


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