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Another cautionary tale is Mashable, which expanded from its social and tech roots into news in the quest for audience growth, only to retreat a few years later. For sites like LittleThings, which traffics in feel-good fare that spreads on Facebook, politics remains a no-go zone. In fact, it makes that promise to advertisers.

pop culture news


Vampires and zombies, both of which became a popular phenomenon in Victorian Britain, are all the rage. Temple English Professor Peter Logan believes this is no mere pop culture trend, but rather a reflection of the strong parallels between that period in Britain and our own here in the U.S.

WDET strives to make our journalism accessible to everyone. As a public media institution, we maintain our journalistic integrity through independent support from readers like you. If you value WDET as your source of news, music and conversation, please make a gift today.

Among news coverage of the country's twelve "most read" newspapers, researchers found that homelessness and other housing stability issues garnered less than 0.002% of attention on the news agenda in 2018. And within this news coverage, researchers found that nearly 90% of the news articles published about housing stability in 2018 focused exclusively on one of three main issues (homelessness, affordable housing, or gentrification); only one percent of the news articles reflected coverage that engaged with all three of the interrelated aspects of housing insecurity.

Vonetta is your go to source for the tech, pop culture and meaningless financial news of the day. Whether it's a hot new viral video, life changing app, or a sweet startup you've never heard of, we've got it covered in your Daily Dose of awesome!

Popular movies and TV series tend to be weaponized by the culture war, and Joker was considered by some critics to be some kind of endorsement of incel terrorism, which prompted widespread condemnation of the film, before the audience had the chance to judge for themselves.

Mark Joyella is a five-time Emmy Award-winning reporter and news anchor for television stations in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and New York City. He's worked in cable news at CNN and Fox and his writing has appeared in Adweek, the New York Post, the Orlando Sentinel, The Dallas Morning News and Men's Health.

Your article states, in the conclusion, that through popular culture public health professionals have a chance to effect the health of populations in a meaningful way. Why then do we (and the UK as well) have historically high cases of obesity and high blood pressure in young people. This was unheard of in the 50s when television was in its infancy. Are fast food commercials at fault? Iris

We took a look back at 2014's most shocking celebrity drama, major TV events, epic music releases, and more pop-culture moments. And we came to one conclusion as the year draws to a close: A LOT happened. Let's review.

Over the past decade, this independently-owned Chicago-based online publication has gained a dedicated following for its reliable coverage of music, television, and film. The site features trending artists, full streams of the newest albums, tour dates, and festival news, along with a variety of entertaining podcasts.

Founded in 2003, CinemaBlend is a go-to source for movie, television, video game, and pop culture news. With 2.5M Facebook followers and 13M unique monthly visitors, this has become a trusted site for entertainment aficionados. 041b061a72


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