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Avtandil Ivanov
Avtandil Ivanov

Girls Giving Blowjobs Videos

Carmen is the type of girl that would do anything for a man she loves (or beyond) and I appreciate that. However, I wish she learned some tricks and makeup magic as her face looks extremely old, likely due to bad technique. This blowjob-giving pornstar is 24, by the way. Shocking? Yes.

girls giving blowjobs videos

Not all blowjobs need to be fast, full of thrusting, and as deep as your length allows. Sometimes going the opposite way makes you special and different from the rest of cock-sucking snowflakes in the porn business.

This one is like Britney Amber, with more flashing lights and a club-like setting. Now, to be named one of the best pornstars at giving blowjobs, you need to have a solid experience bag under your belt which Leah Gotti does. Compared to other pornstars though she is only 21-years old.

How can such a young pornstar be so good at giving blowjobs? Sure, she is an adult performer and likely learned a lot from here, but there are pornstars twice her age that still suck at anything but basic fellatio. On the other hand, Leah Gotti is a quick learner and not afraid of choking on dick.

If you were to ask me to name some of the pornstars that are good at giving a blowjob, Gianna would be one of them, hands down. This is a direct result of her being in the industry for so long and practicing sucking dick.

There is a saying that black girls know how to suck dick and I agree, very much so. There is another saying that fat or chubby whores give the best blowjobs in the world, but I disagree.

Have you seen someone being so hungry for cock like Jenna? I certainly have not, she is incredible and probably the best blowjobs giving white chick in the world. That is quite an achievement. Not only that but it does look like the way she sucks and licks these dicks, makes them even tastier for her.

The queen of blowjobs, the unique word wonder of oral sex, the master of stroking beautiful penises, and the ninja of swallowing. This girl has it all, and to be fair, I was not even into black girls that much but after seeing her skills at Evil Angel, which was one of our top rated porn sites of this year. But, good fucking God, I dare you to fucking find me a better whore who can suck dicks better. I fucking dare you. 350c69d7ab


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