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Final Fight Streetwise [Xbox Classic] !!TOP!!

Cody, the infamous hero from the classic Final Fight games, has disappeared. Play as his brother Kyle, an underground pit fighter who's determined to find out what happened. Use street smarts and brawl-based fighting tactics to survive on the gritty streets of Metro City. The fighting action is more intense than ever with two modes of hand-to-hand and weapons-based combat. The non-linear storyline takes you through highly interactive environments where you'll encounter all kinds of seedy types, from loan sharks to hoodlums. But choose your actions wisely. Respect is key to success. Trash your rep at your own peril. The amount of respect you command changes how NPCs react to you.

Final Fight Streetwise [Xbox Classic]

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Final Fight: Streetwise is a 3D beat 'em up game. The story mode, which is exclusively single player, has ten minigames, including cockroach stomping, arm-wrestling, slide puzzles, shooting contests and the classic car bash. Players earn money through pit fights and side missions, upgrading Kyle's moveset by training in various gyms in Metro City while progressing through the game. An 'instinct' system allows players to counter opponents' attacks, as well as make their attacks more powerful.

Kyle Travers is a streetwise underground pit-fighter resigned to making money in the fight clubs of Metro City. He has been fighting in his neighborhood for some time, building up a reputation and gaining a lot of money. His brother Cody has always been around for him, ever since they were kids, and countless times they helped each other through nasty scrapes in order to survive in the harsh streets. When Kyle and Cody were at Vanessa's bar minding their own business, a man known as Devin Aranoc appears and sends his goons to capture Cody. Kyle starts searching for his missing brother, knowing that he will be dealing with well-trained pros instead of the usual street gangs. To make matters worse, he ends up dealing with a powerful new drug known as glow and those involved in its creation.

This remake of the arcade classic is about as streetwise as a politician in a baseball cap. And not a Roc-a-wear one either, but an elasticated cap he got free when he filled up with a full tank of petrol. "Yo kids! Vote for me, I listen to Slim Shifty and Dr. Ray!"

Defeating Pestilence (opponent with lots of arms and legs on his back): When you start, do not attack him immediately; just start running. Avoid his arm and leg throwing for awhile until he starts shooting out the "Glow Balls". The first one will shoot out of his head. Run towards it, pick it up, and throw it at him. By the time you throw it, there should be another one that has landed where the first one did. Pick it up and throw it too. You will have plenty of time to do this. Repeat this until he finally breaks down and loses the extra arms and things on his back. Note: Avoid coming in contact with the glow goop that he drops, as it will hurt you. He can now run since he has lost all of his arms and legs that were on his back. He also kicks, swings, and actually fights back. Run very close to him until he does his actual kicking and punching. If you see him start to use the glow goop, quickly run. Once he does his kicks and punches, hit him as many times as you can before he starts another attack. After doing this approximately three to five times, he will run over and get a church bench. Let him get a little closer and when he is about to smash it, run away. Do not stay in the target view or you will die. Once he smashes it, you can pick up health if desired. Then, repeat the punching. Be careful when he does his punching and kicking, as he now has an extra swing at the end. Beat him up again for a bit, then he will grab another bench. Use the SMG and run and shoot to get him down a bit. Keep repeating the punching attacks until he has been defeated.

While Capcom produced several beat 'em ups for the arcade after Final Fight, the game itself was only followed by two straight-to-home console sequels for the SNES before fading out completely. Two attempts to revive the series in 3D were made by Capcom USA: Final Fight Revenge, a 3D fighting game featuring characters from the original game, including a zombie version of Belger, for the Sega Titan hardware (which saw a Japan-only home port for the Sega Saturn as Capcom's final game for the system); and Final Fight: Streetwise, an Open World game and a Darker and Edgier attempt to cater to the Grand Theft Auto crowd. 041b061a72


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