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BTG Classroom Connection Christmas Fundraiser

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Nolan Nguyen
Nolan Nguyen

HD Online Player (the Commando - A One Man Army Dual A)

a pump-action, semi-automatic shotgun, this shotgun fires.357 caliber ammunition and has a magazine size of 3, as well as a rate of fire of 3.26 rounds per second. this weapon can be used to give the player the ability to deal a lot of damage quickly, but is more effective with shotguns rather than sniper rifles.

HD Online Player (the Commando - A One Man Army dual a)


this weapon fires a high-speed projectile that detonates a few seconds after it passes through the air. this weapon can be used to fire at distant targets, and can also be used to temporarily disrupt (but not destroy) enemy vehicles. this weapon, along with the chaff device, are considered the best anti-vehicle tools in squad assault.

every second counts, a new character skill. increases "weapon draw time" with all weapons when skill is used for the first time in the game; if already has "weapon draw time" with at least one weapon, only the skill's effect increases "weapon draw time" with that weapon. requires a damage or weapon rating of at least 10.

forged in helghan. increases the drop rate of the hellion's scar-h acog scope when in use. causes the player's headshot to deal full damage and kill anything it hits. the effect of forged in helghan does not stack with the acog's scope effect.

after a scan in the graveyard, seraph was surprised to find that the general had acquired an arc of the gekk'ini, a very powerful, thermal-focused, short-range weapon that greatly increased effective range and allowed for pinpoint targeting. the general deployed it within the main base, but had neglected to move it away from a bunker where agents found it during their last sweep. he was able to intercept them before they could attempt a full-fledged assault. seraph aided the guardsmen by destroying a massive canisters containing tactical nuclear weapons, and alerted zion to the base's location.


Online Christmas Event Dec 6- Dec 22, 2023 for BTG Classroom...


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