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Buy Sophos Utm License _BEST_

The availability of certain features on Sophos UTM is defined by licenses and subscriptions, i.e. the licenses and subscriptions you have purchased with your Sophos UTM enable you to use certain features and others not.

buy sophos utm license


Sophos UTM ships with a 30-day trial license with all features enabled. After expiration, you must install a valid license to further operate Sophos UTM. All licenses (including free home use licenses) are created in the MyUTM Portal.

Once you have received the activation keys by email after purchasing a Sophos UTM license, you must use these keys in order to create your license or upgrade an existing license. To activate a license, you have to log in to the MyUTM Portal and visit the license management page. At the top of the page is a form where you can cut and paste the activation key from the email into this field. For more information, see the MyUTM User Guide.

Another form appears asking you to fill in information about the reseller you purchased the license from as well as your own details. The portal tries to pre-fill as much of this form as possible. Also, Sophos collects the Sophos UTM hardware serial number on this form if appropriate. After submitting this form, your license is created, and you are forwarded to the license detail page to download the license file.

To actually use the license, you must download the license file to your hard drive and then log in to your WebAdmin installation. In WebAdmin, navigate to the Management > Licensing > Installation tab and use the upload function to find the license text file on your hard drive. Upload the license file, and WebAdmin will process it to activate any subscriptions and other settings that the license outlines.

Those can be purchased separately or in combination according to your needs. The FullGuard license contains all subscriptions. Each of the subscriptions enables certain features of the product. The table below gives you an overview which features are enabled with which subscription.

Sophos UTM units can also be managed and licensed by Sophos UTM Manager (SUM). In this case, the SUM provides the MSP (Managed Service Provider) license to Sophos UTM, and the Installation tab is disabled. Subscriptions can only be enabled by your SUM service provider.

A base license without any subscriptions supports only limited automatic updates: solely pattern updates such as online help updates and the like will continue to be downloaded and installed automatically. You will, however, not be informed about available firmware updates, and the firmware updates have to be downloaded manually. Announcements for new firmware updates can be found in the Sophos UTM Up2Date Blog.

Active-passive HA: You must activate the licenses on the device you've configured as the initial primary. Don't activate them on the auxiliary device. The cluster uses the licenses of the primary device.

If your license details show unaligned subscription end dates. You can balance your license so that all features are co-terminus. It is also possible to activate new featuers that are currently not active. In this example we will activate Sandstorm. When balancing a license remaining dollar value is transferred from one feature to another based on the remaining license term.

After applying your upgrade keys and verify your license is as expected, it is then time to download and install it on your UTM. Installing the new license file will replace the existing one running on your UTM. If you need to retain the old license for any reason make a UTM backup before installing. This is almost never necessary but you might be a special snowflake and have a good reason to do that.

Finally, an expiration banner will also be displayed in the Meraki dashboard during this time. However, you can reactivate your account at any point after it expires. Just add the necessary number of valid licenses.

Renewing your Sophos license with Utilize is quick and easy. With a dedicated renewals team you can rest assured that your renewal will be dealt with promptly. We will have your order completed and delivered to you quickly and efficiently. We offer discounts to all customers whether you purchased through us originally or not. 041b061a72


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