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Download PDF: India's Foreign Policy Since Independence - A Book by VP Dutt

this book is the third part of the series the new foreign policy of india, published in 2007. the series takes a look at the evolution of indias foreign policy since independence, and analyzes the current situation in the light of the countrys past experience and the current international situation. it is structured around the following topics:

India's Foreign Policy Since Independence Vp Dutt Pdf Download

this book examines in detail the development of relations with other countries and provides an excellent overview of india's foreign policy since independence. for scholars, the book will be a useful resource for the examination of indian foreign policy since its early phases up to the 1990s. for general readers, the book will provide a good introduction into india's foreign relations. its bibliography will be an important source of reference for future research.

since the end of the east-west conflict there has been a fundamental reorientation of indian foreign policy. at the beginning of the 1990s india was still seen as aloser in the changing constellations after the end of the cold war. 10 indian governments have since adapted their strategies and instruments, and their role in international organizations is more significant today than it was before 1991.

in all of these conflicts, indias fighting capacity was constrained by its economic weakness. this was one of the reasons why indias military remained a small force of under 30,000 troops. during the cold war, indias role was limited to a largely defensive one, contributing to the stabilization of the region and preventing a resurgence of the soviet union. the changing strategic environment following the collapse of the soviet union and the end of the cold war has forced india to reassess its security strategy, and its foreign policy.


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