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Cardfight!! Vanguard (2018)

While the series concluded on November 28th 2020 and was succeeded by overDress on April 3rd 2021. The V series received a new spin-off anime called mini vanguard Large on July 6th 2021, which is a omake-style anime which features Selka assembling the four protagonist (Aichi, Shinemon, Emi and Chrono) in order to make the planet Aniversario and enjoyable place for everyone.

Cardfight!! Vanguard (2018)

  • Tropes that apply to Cardfight Vanguard V. Adapted Out: Various aspects and characters from the original series have been removed. The Void entity is completely absent. As such, the Star-vaders, most notably Chaos Breaker, are absent as well, the Deletors and Star Hulks of Planet Brandt taking their place.

  • The Asia Circuit is relegated to mostly off-screen. As a result, the teams introduced there are absent, in particular SIT Genius.

  • Koutei, Gouki, and Nakagami's teammates suffer from this, with Yuri and Kaworu barely averting this by being apart of the team for the Vanguard Koshien.

  • As Kyou is an Ascended Extra here and is still a part of Foo Fighters, Team Avengers is never formed, and his would-be teammates are never shown.

  • Kai and Miwa's friend Jun is absent, as is the underground fighting ring he led.

  • Nakamurabashi, the mandated Club-Adviser the Miyaji Vanguard Club had in the original series, isn't present here.

  • The Quatre-Knights aren't formed here, and as such its unclear if their members even exist in this continuity. A spinoff manga would confirm Gaillard and Neve do exist, but are simply professional fighters now.

  • Mechanic-wise, most of the mechanics introduced with each series have been excised, including Limit Break, Legion, and Stride. Units that possessed these abilities in the original series now either lack them entirely, or have abilities that let them simulate the mechanics without being the mechanics.

  • Adaptation Amalgamation: Just like the manga, it combines certain events or cards of the original series together in order to tell a more streamlined story. Foo Fighter Arc is rather downplayed since it uses many plot elements of season 1 with characters added from the first 2 seasons to give some characters more focus compared to the manga.

  • The High School Arc takes this further. It uses plot elements of season 3 combined with the Neon Messiah movie with cards based of season 4 units appearing.