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Where To Buy Norton Abrasives

Norton offers powerful, precise, user friendly solutions enabling our customers to shape and surface finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications. From abrasives to total job solutions, we deliver the right choices that increase your productivity while being friendly to your bottom line.

where to buy norton abrasives


The Norton brand delivers an abrasives portfolio that meets and exceeds the expectations of users in a variety of markets and applications. Available in performance tiers, we offer the right product solution geared to your need while giving you the choice for initial price or total maximum productivity.

Norton Clipper products are designed to withstand the demands of the construction job site. The durability and reliability of the line of equipment, diamond blades, core bits and abrasives is never a question because being stranded on the job is not an option. Fast enough to get you on and off the job quickly and tough enough to last.

From sandpaper to cutting discs, the Norton Essential abrasives range consists of a wide selection of products for DIY projects, woodworking, metalworking, decorating and general maintenance and repairs.

In 1885, seven Worcester entrepreneurs in the USA bought the patent for a grinding wheel from Frank Norton, owner of the Water Street Pottery Shop, where the formula for the grinding wheel had been invented. They also bought his company name. And, Norton Company was born.

What began as a tiny start-up, Norton began to grow rapidly. By 1920, it was one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States. As it grew, it diversified into industrial products other than abrasives, and became a major multinational corporation. Norton became a publicly held company in 1962.

In 2002, a state-of-the art manufacturing site was built in Staverton, Gloucestershire, which mainly manufactures abrasives under the Norton Winter brand for many markets including aerospace, automotive, medical and the electronics sector. In 2012, production started at the Raleigh Hall site in Eccleshall. A 1million investment ensured the site specialised in manufacturing excellence for high performance grinding for the UK aerospace market.

Norton Company was founded in 1885 by a group of ceramists and entrepreneurs from Worcester, Massachusetts. The group set out to manufacture the first mass-produced, precision-made grinding wheel to fulfill the burgeoning U.S. manufacturing industry's growing need for abrasives.[1]

In 1931, Norton completed its first acquisition, when it purchased the Behr-Manning company of Watervliet, New York. This purchase added coated abrasives and sandpaper to Norton's line, which, going forward, would be two of Norton's more successful products. In the mid-1950s, with sales over $30 million, Behr-Manning was fully absorbed into Norton. In 1962, Norton became a publicly held company. Descendants of founders John Jeppson and Milton Higgins managed the company until the 1970s, including John Jeppson II.[6]

GRINDWELL NORTON offers new sealed packed reinforced Cutting & Grinding wheels and disc (Abrasive Cutting). The Grindwell Norton Abrasive products range include Cutting wheel, Grinding disc, Chopsaw, and Large dia cutting wheels commonly used in Portable Angle Grinder, Rail Abrasive cutter and Chop Saw Machines. Norton Abrasives made solutions for Grinding, Cutting, Parting and edge beveling applications in surface materials Metal, Stainless steel and Timber Woods. A NORTON Abrasives product range include Thin Parting Wheels, Grinding disc (Dc wheel), Cut-off Wheels, Ultra thin Abrasive wheels supply in premium Abrasives quality. Grindwell offeres Zirkon brands zirconia alumina grades abrasives wheels (DC Wheel and cut-off wheel) specialy made for Inox Stainless Steel grinding and cutting applications. Thin Abrasives manufactured and supply by Grindwell Norton Ltd.(GNO), Grindwell's Thin Abrasive wheels compliance with EN12413 of oSa label for the higest level of Abrasives standards. oSa: European Abrasive manufacturer organisation OSA Abrasives safety Standards. The Grindwell Norton is a part of Saint-Gobain Group. Grindwell Norton (GNO) marketing Thin Abrasives products under brand name NORTON-SPITFIRE, NORTON-EXPERT, NORTON-ZIRKON brands. Grindwell Norton Abrasives make products conformity with RDSO/Indian Railways Board, BIS, and international ISO standards. 041b061a72

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