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The Weeknd Trilogy Disc 1 17

In September 2012, the Weeknd signed with Republic Records in a joint venture with his own imprint label XO.[6] The mixtapes were subsequently remastered and compiled for Trilogy, along with three previously unreleased songs,[3] which were recorded at Liberty Studios in Toronto.[5] "Twenty Eight", "Valerie", and "Til Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)" were included as bonus tracks at the end of each of the compilation's discs.[7]

the weeknd trilogy disc 1 17


In July 2011, Tesfaye held his first live performance at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto.[56] After the performance, Drake met with Tesfaye to discuss collaborations, which led to Tesfaye earning an appearance at his OVO Festival.[57] He also participated in concerts hosted by the Black Student Association at the University of Toronto.[47][58] Tesfaye contributed to four songs on Drake's second studio album Take Care, which was released on November 15, as a songwriter, producer and a featured artist on the album's seventh single "Crew Love".[59]

On April 4, 2021, Tesfaye announced a US$1,000,000 donation through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to relief efforts in Ethiopia for people affected by the Tigray War.[359] On June 9, he met with the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, Samantha Power, to discuss the humanitarian crisis of the Tigray War. During the meeting, Tesfaye was briefed on the latest developments and discussed ways of increasing public pressure so direct action can be made to help civilians.[360][361] Tesfaye was appointed as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the World Food Programme on October 7.[362][363] On March 3, 2022, he partnered with the WFP to launch the XO Humanitarian Fund. Through the fund, Tesfaye will donate US$1 from every ticket sold at his After Hours til Dawn Tour, in addition to a US$500,000 donation, to the WFP.[364]

I made this reasoning after I posted my question, but I found an article published at Billboard before its release reporting it would be priced as a single cd, even though it topped 30 songs: -juice/474219/the-weeknd-reps-talk-clearing-samples-touring-for-trilogy-release

16. He had a strategy for his rollout, beginning with his first 2010 releases to his U.S. tour debut at 2012's Coachella to his 2013 studio album, Kiss Land, telling Vanity Fair, "I controlled how famous I was getting; I slowly would reveal more of myself every year. That helped me cope with fame as opposed to it all just falling on me." 17. Phase one saw him avoiding interviews and releasing deliberately obscured photos as he put out his trilogy of 2011 mix-tapes. Part of his reasoning, he explained to Vanity Fair, was that "I always hated how I looked on camera." But it proved to be a smart move: "I never put a face to my music, which actually made the music that much more mysterious. It kind of worked in my favor, and I ran with it as long as I could."

The Weeknd has just released his new album, Dawn FM, and it's quickly become a fan-favourite. However, he's thrown fans a curveball by taking to Twitter to suggest it's actually part of a trilogy alongside 2020's After Hours and a yet-to-be-released album.

It's not the first time that he's released a trilogy, either. He released a trilogy of mixtapes in 2011 with House Of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes Of Silence. Fans have pointed out that The Weeknd has been hinting at a new trilogy for a while, with this screenshot from the Heartless video showing the phrase Heaven Or Las Vegas, a track that appeared on Thursday.

You can check out some of the tweets about the theory below. The Weeknd has definitely got us wondering what he's up to next, and we're hoping that we don't have to wait too long before he reveals his grand plan for this trilogy.

His emotional, plaintive lyrics often express feelings of hurt and deal with subject matter such as sex, drugs, and partying. Hermione Hoby of The Guardian characterizes The Weeknd's songs as "narcotised-slow jams" and delineates their message as "partying is an existential experience, sex is fraught with alienation, and everything registers as unreal and unsettling". The Guardian's Paul MacInnes interprets The Weeknd's trilogy of mixtapes as "a rough trajectory of party, after-party and hangover". Anupa Mistry of the Toronto Standard observes throughout his mixtapes a "cast of supine, stoned zombie-women ... whose legs willingly part after being plied with substances and who morph into threats only when [he is] coming down and feeling vulnerable". The Weeknd viewed that, by singing vulgar, ignorant lyrics in an elegant, sexy way, he is paying homage to R. Kelly and to some degree Prince.

Pop's unexpected nature is what makes it so beloved, especially in 2022 as artists showcased just how far their versatility can stretch. TikTok showed off its influence once again, with songs like Nicki Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl" birthing endless viral dance challenges. There was plenty of dancing outside of TikTok as well, as artists like Drake, The Weeknd and Beyoncé had everyone grooving under the disco ball.

Pop has seen a disco revival seeping in over the last few years (even including the return of ABBA!), but what made this year so different is witnessing more R&B-leaning artists putting a fun spin on dance music as a whole.

While sampling is more of a historical music staple than a trend, this year many artists had fun traveling back to the '70s, '90s and early '00s to add nostalgic doses into their hits. Beyoncé evoked the spirit of Donna Summer on "Summer Renaissance," which pulls from the disco queen's 1977 jam, "I Feel Love." Elsewhere, Charli XCX lifted the Stonebridge Mix of Robin S.'s 1992 "Show Me Love" for her own dance floor hit, "Used To Know Me," while NYC-based EDM duo Sofi Tukker sampled Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" for their infectious tune "Summer In New York."

Brown's 1965 classic, "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," became one of the first funk hits, and has been endlessly sampled and covered over the years, along with his other groovy tracks. Of course, many other funk acts followed in the '60s, and the genre thrived in the '70s and '80s as the disco craze came and went, and the originators of hip-hop and house music created new music from funk and disco's strong, flexible bones built for dancing.

There are many bands that play heavily with funk, creating lush grooves designed to get you moving. Read on for a taste of five current modern funk and nu-disco artists making band-led uptempo funk built for the dance floor. Be sure to press play on the Spotify playlist above, and check out's playlist on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

Aptly self-described as "discodelic soul," Brooklyn-based seven-piece Say She She make dreamy, operatic funk, led by singer-songwriters Nya Gazelle Brown, Piya Malik and Sabrina Mileo Cunningham. Their '70s girl group-inspired vocal harmonies echo, sooth and enchant as they cover poignant topics with feminist flair.

L'Impératrice (the empress in French) are a six-piece Parisian group serving an infectiously joyful blend of French pop, nu-disco, funk and psychedelia. Flore Benguigui's vocals are light and dreamy, yet commanding of your attention, while lyrics have a feminist touch.

Franc Moody's bio fittingly describes their music as "a soul funk and cosmic disco sound." The London outfit was birthed by friends Ned Franc and Jon Moody in the early 2010s, when they were living together and throwing parties in North London's warehouse scene. In 2017, the group grew to six members, including singer and multi-instrumentalist Amber-Simone.

His latest release is Cage, the second in a trilogy of annual four-song EPs. The title track is a classic Billy Idol banger expressing the desire to free himself from personal constraints and live a better life. Other tracks on Cage incorporate metallic riffing and funky R&B grooves.

While there is recognizable personnel and a distinguishable sound throughout a lot of his work, Billy Idol has always pushed himself to try different things. Idol discusses his musical journey, his desire to constantly move forward, and the strong connection that he shares with Stevens.

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