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Airmail 3.5.3 Crack

3.5 The sphere(s) and other phenomena 3.5.1 I see a giant sphere. What the hell is going on ? (A/M) 3.5.2 A new universe ? What's the Doc talking about ? (A) 3.5.3 A new universe ? What are the scientists talking about ? (M) 3.5.4 In the sphere: ??? Why do I see events from the past ? And what's going on in here, anyway ? (A/M) 3.5.5 Many buildings drop from the sky ! (M) 3.5.6 What do the scientists mean by 2-dimensional / 3-dimensional ? (M) 3.5.7 What's the significance of the earthquake ? (M)

Lee Earle( Bayta Seldon( Tonhofer( Voorhis( Arromdee ( Doi( (the FAQ)

The successive blasts are the alternating firing projectors, shooting at random at the city. The one firing on Kaneda's friends must have been beaming the electrons into the street, creating the electron buildup and the upturning of the ground, like frozen water forces apart cracks in a sidewalk. -------

I truly hope I'm not the only one who has been mistaken about this. SOL was not destroyed by Tetsuo. Tetsuo dealt with the American Floyd satellite which was sent by the Admiral. Floyd looks a bit different than SOL and is more massive. Right before the attack on the stadion both SOL and Floyd can be seen together on one page (Floyd appears twice on the page if you look closely). And a couple of pages later there's even an American flag painted on Floyd's exterior. Apparently the Admiral ordered to crack SOL's access code just to disactivate it or he wanted to use SOL just in case Floyd could not be activated in time.

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