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Mihail Solohov Tihi Don Pdf Down

Mihail Solohov Tihi Don Pdf Down

Mihail Solohov Tihi Don Pdf Down is a web search query that can be used to find and download the PDF version of the famous novel Tihi Don (Quiet Flows the Don) by Mihail Solohov, a Soviet writer and Nobel laureate. Tihi Don is an epic saga that depicts the life and fate of the Cossacks living in the Don River valley during the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Civil War. The novel consists of four parts, each divided into several books. The first part was published in 1938, and the last part in 1940.

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Tihi Don is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of world literature, and one of the most authentic and powerful portrayals of the historical events and the people who participated in them. The main protagonist of the novel is Grigori Melekhov, a young Cossack who is torn between his love for Aksinia, the wife of his neighbor, and his loyalty to his family and his community. Grigori's personal drama reflects the larger drama of his nation, as he witnesses and takes part in the social upheavals and the violent conflicts that shape the destiny of Russia.

The novel is based on Solohov's extensive research and personal experience, as he was born and raised in the Don region, and participated in the Civil War as a teenager. Solohov spent more than a decade writing Tihi Don, and faced many difficulties and controversies during the publication process. Some critics accused him of plagiarism, while others questioned his political views and his portrayal of the Cossacks. However, Solohov's novel was also praised by many readers and writers, both in the Soviet Union and abroad, for its artistic merit and its historical accuracy.

There are several sources on the web that offer the PDF version of Tihi Don for free download. One of them is [DOKUMEN.TIPS], which provides the PDF file of the first part of the novel in Serbian language. Another source is [Documents and E-books], which also offers the PDF file of the first part of the novel, but in Russian language. A third source is [Knjige Online], which gives a brief summary and a review of the first part of the novel in Serbian language, along with a link to download it.

However, before downloading any PDF file from these sources, it is advisable to check their legality and their quality. Some PDF files may be corrupted, incomplete, or infected with malware. Moreover, some PDF files may violat