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SEKAI NO OWARI is a Japanese pop-rock band that has been making waves in the music scene since their debut in 2007. Their name, which means "end of the world" in Japanese, reflects their unique and creative vision of music and art. Their latest album, ENTERTAINMENT, was released on July 18, 2012, and features 14 tracks that showcase their diverse and eclectic sound.



The album opens with Starlight Parade, a catchy and upbeat song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is about celebrating life and enjoying the moment, and features a chorus that invites listeners to join the band's starlight parade. The song also has a whimsical and colorful music video that matches the song's mood and message.

The next track, RPG, is one of the band's most popular songs, and was used as the theme song for the anime movie Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called!: Me and the Space Princess. The song is a tribute to the role-playing games that the band members grew up playing, and has a catchy melody and lyrics that reference various game elements. The song also has a playful and adventurous music video that features the band members as game characters.

The album then shifts to a more mellow and sentimental mood with Dragon Night, a ballad that tells the story of a lonely dragon who falls in love with a human girl. The song has a beautiful piano accompaniment and a soaring chorus that expresses the dragon's longing and hope. The song also has a stunning and emotional music video that depicts the dragon's journey and fate.

The album continues with more songs that showcase the band's versatility and creativity, such as Death Disco, a dark and danceable song that mixes disco beats with heavy metal riffs; Fantasy, a dreamy and romantic song that features guest vocals from Owl City; Illusion, a psychedelic and experimental song that explores the theme of reality and perception; and Earth Child, a cheerful and optimistic song that celebrates nature and life.

The album closes with Entertainment, the title track and the longest song on the album. The song is an epic and grand finale that summarizes the band's musical journey and philosophy. The song starts with a slow and gentle piano intro, then builds up to a powerful and dramatic chorus that declares "We are entertainment". The song then transitions to a rap section by DJ LOVE, followed by a guitar solo by Nakajin, and finally ends with a choir singing "We are entertainment" in harmony.

ENTERTAINMENT is an album that lives up to its name, as it provides an entertaining and enjoyable listening experience for fans of SEKAI NO OWARI and pop-rock music in general. The album showcases the band's talent, originality, and diversity, as well as their passion and enthusiasm for music. The album also has several music videos that enhance the songs' visual appeal and storytelling. The album is available for download on various platforms, such as [SoundCloud] or [Weebly], where you can find the file "[120718][ALBUM] SEKAI NO OWARI - ENTERTAINMENT [320K].rar". However, I recommend buying the official CD or digital version of the album to support the band and enjoy their music in high quality.


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