Home Boy Program 

Officers, Business people, or volunteers can join our program to befriend youth beginning at age 10 and become their mentor and friend thru out school and life allowing the youth to converse, interact, and hangout with them. They will offer advice or and helping with keeping there conversations discreet but connecting our youth with the proper help hoping to create a relationships where the child feels he or she can depend on them. BACK GROUND CHECKS ARE REQUIRED

Looking In the Mirror 

The Model Development Course was created  to inspire, engage, and motivate students to address important social  issues, teach more core disciplines  about  the modeling business, youth will also have the opportunity to create maintain and market an event to earn a income. BTG will encourage and help students seek all business opportunities  in the modeling world

Enrichment Classes 

​Bridging The Gap Youth Program will take the lead in educating our youth on positive ways to empower themselves through enjoying the things that they do every day. For instance: listening to music, congregating with friends, engaging on social media ,attending events and functions, are simply a few of the everyday interactions of our youth. With qualified individuals , mentors and well experienced entertainment brands and corporate companies working together, we know we can take the simple everyday interactions of our youth and elevate it to a higher level with maintaining a fun, safe environment, while initiating innovative ideas to help empower and support our youth. BTGYP classes are Music ,Modeling and Business Development. We have a great STEAM based program called B.E.A.T.S that will connect youth to innovation thru music schematics matching shipbuilding schematics we can introduce them to future employment opportunities.  Bridging The Gap Youth Program has partnered with ODU and Digital Shipbuilding to support our goal of future engineers , coder,programmer or entrepreneurs

Ask about the L.I.F.E program 

Let's Ignite Futur Entrepurnuers 

Making Mask Moves For Youth

BRIDGING THE GAP YOUTH PROGRAM INC wants to help save our youth and young adults from COVID-19. We want to help protect the community by distributing mask in the Hampton Roads community. Our goal is to give away  mask to hundreds of youth and young adutls in unservered and under- served communities. BTG will give infromation and form workshops online for parents and youth to make mask  

BTGYP Employment 

Using events and promotions to clean up our youths social media content . Giving the youth events and other promotional materials based on new innovative ideas and brands and businesses created by the youth for the youth. Where they can learn how important it is to keep a positive presents on their SM platforms and the  youth can gain the experience of  earning  income in many ways

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