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David Bell
David Bell

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I suppose a garden in south London is a strange place for an epiphany but then that's the nature of epiphanies. Alcohol might have had something to do with it. But there I was, the worse for a bottle of Rose, or 'day wine' as it is known in our house, discussing politics with friends. When suddenly it struck me. I had missed my calling. All this time I've been churning out books when what I really should be doing is standing as a Conservative MP. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before. I am a natural Tory girl. I have a plummy voice and a peachy bosom, I am against crime and the causes of crime. I'm for education, education, education (even if Stalin did say it first). And I'm soft on porn, hard on drugs and clearly David needs me. His short lists are so short that even ex-Coronation Street actors can make them. In fact he is so keen on the ladies joining his party that if you put your name on the list you're in. Like a provincial nightclub where the girls get in free, David's so desperate for dollies that I might actually stand a chance.

free uk tiny teen porn

However messy, disease-carrying or strange sex can sometimes be, militantly suppressing it in the name of God is worse. Sexual shame has ruined countless lives. Now we are moving beyond it, almost everyone agrees that it doesn't deserve an army of virgins bearing silver rings. But have we really accepted that teenagers need and deserve shame-free sex as much as anyone else? The constant public angst about how to stop teenagers having sex suggests not.

In the last decade, in an attempt to offer more responsible information on sex over the internet, digital sex education initiatives have been launched all over the world. Such initiatives often gather millions of users and hits. Compared to traditional, interpersonal offline sex education, these numbers are impressive, and they have changed the field of sex education. Yet very little is known about the effectiveness of online sex education, or about how digital technologies affect young people's access to wanted or unwanted information. The internet provides not only freedom but also new forms of gender-based violence such as 'revenge porn' that sex educators have to face. Much of the research on sexuality in the digital era is moralistic and slanted. For practitioners and academics working on sexual and reproductive health, youth and digital development issues, learning more about sex education in the digital era is a major challenge.

Exploring global digital sex education and porn to meet global goalsThere has never been a collection of scholarly work on this topic for a mixed audience of researchers, policymakers and practitioners. This is remarkable given the size of the populations affected and the money and political attention allocated to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Unless policymakers, researchers and practitioners deal with the contested issues of young people's sexuality and sex education, globally-agreed goals such as a reduction of maternal mortality and teen pregnancy will not be reached. 041b061a72

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