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Forjando Patria De Manuel Gamio Pdf Free

Forjando Patria De Manuel Gamio Pdf Free

Forjando Patria (Pro-Nacionalismo) is a book by Manuel Gamio, a Mexican anthropologist and archaeologist who is often considered the father of anthropological studies in Mexico. The book was originally published in 1916, during the Mexican Revolution, and it presents a manifesto for a national anthropology of Mexico that addresses the key issues in the development of anthropology as an academic discipline and the establishment of an active field of cultural politics in Mexico. The book covers topics such as the concept of pre-Hispanic art, the redemption of the indigenous class, the revision of the Latin American constitutions, and the role of sociology and government in shaping the national identity.

The book is a classic of Mexican intellectual history and has influenced generations of scholars and activists. However, it is also a product of its time and context, and it reflects some of the prejudices and limitations of Gamio's perspective. For example, Gamio advocated for a mestizo nationalism that assimilated the indigenous population into the dominant culture, rather than recognizing their diversity and autonomy. He also tended to idealize the pre-Hispanic past and ignore the colonial and contemporary realities of oppression and exploitation.


Forjando Patria is a valuable source for understanding the origins and development of Mexican anthropology and archaeology, as well as the cultural and political debates that shaped Mexico in the early twentieth century. It is also a fascinating document that reveals the textual ambiguities and contradictions that can lend themselves to different interpretations. The book has been translated into English for the first time by Fernando Armstrong-Fumero in 2010, published by the University Press of Colorado. The translation includes an introduction that provides a historical and critical context for reading Gamio's work, as well as notes and references that explain some of the terms and concepts used by Gamio.

If you are interested in reading Forjando Patria by Manuel Gamio, you can download a free PDF version from the Internet Archive, where you can also find other works by Gamio and related authors. You can also read an online version of the book on Project MUSE, a digital platform that provides access to scholarly books and journals from various disciplines. Alternatively, you can purchase a print or e-book edition from various online retailers or libraries.

I hope you enjoy reading Forjando Patria by Manuel Gamio and learning more about Mexican anthropology and culture. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for using Bing!


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