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What Surface Pro 4 Should I Buy

Go to and select the device that is in service. You should also receive status updates through the email address you provided when you created your service order. If you have questions about the status, contact support.

what surface pro 4 should i buy

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Battery life: A great tablet should last for a full day of work on battery power if you use it in place of a laptop, and for multiple days if you use it only as a second device or a note-taking tool. For Windows devices, we ran our standardized notebook battery life test, which simulates a typical day browsing the internet, including visiting websites, scrolling, and watching videos on YouTube. For iPads, we used them both for daily work tasks and as secondary note-taking devices.

Colour accuracy is similarly impressive, with an average delta-E figure of just 1.61. What this means in real terms is the screen produces colours that are, for the most part, indistinguishable from the 'perfect' version of that colour. This is great for graphic designers, artists and photographers who demand colour accuracy, as they won't have to invest in an expensive monitor. Particularly important are greys, which were all accurate. The weakest area, as is the case with many screens, was bright red and bright orange, with the latter producing a rather high delta-E score of 4.05 and looking a shade paler than it should.

The Surface Pen is powered by a AAA battery, which Microsoft claims has an 'all-year' battery life. There's no way to check the status of your pen's battery, though, so you should keep a AAA handy to avoid disappointment. The Pen has 1,024 degrees of pressure sensitivity, which could make it a genuinely attractive propositions for digital artists who may be using a dedicated pad for drawing.