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David Bell
David Bell

PDF Bible New Living Translation NLT !!INSTALL!! Full

Chronological bibles may be plain text bibles, with very little in the way of study helps, or they may be full-features study bibles, like the Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT, or they may be more bare-bones. You can even get one in Kindle format and a plain text Kindle NLT Chronological Bible here.

PDF Bible New Living Translation NLT Full

The ESV is the most recent translation, which stands firmly in the formal equivalency tradition. It is a very solid translation in updated language that aims to reproduce the beauty of the KJV. The result is one of the most poetic and beautifully structured versions that maintains a high degree of accuracy and faithfulness to the original languages.

''Functional equivalence.'' Now the other kind of translation is functional equivalence or dynamic equivalence translaton. It's not word for word, but thought for thought. It takes the words that are there and bring over the thought faithfully. It's trying to communicate what the author was intending to say. So when we look at the New Living Translation (NLT), which is an example of a functional equivalence translation, it says this in 1 Corinthians 7:1, "Now about the questions you asked in your letter. Yes, it is good to live the celibate life." Here, Paul was probably talking about marriage, or more specifically, the sexual relationship between a man and woman. So it's clear from the broader context that when he says it's good for a man not to touch a woman, he was using a softened way of saying it's best for a man not to be bound up in the marriage relationship and all the responsibilities that go along with that.


Online Christmas Event Dec 6- Dec 22, 2023 for BTG Classroom...


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