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Listen to METAMORPHOSIS (Slowed + Reverb) by INTERWORLD - The Phonk that Will Transform Your Life

Metamorphosis Phonk Slowed Download: How to Enjoy This Underground Music Genre

If you are a fan of hip-hop, trap, or electronic music, you may have heard of phonk, an underground style of music that combines elements of funk, jazz, and 90s Memphis rap. Phonk is mostly present on the SoundCloud platform, where many artists and producers upload their tracks and remixes. One of the most popular and intriguing subgenres of phonk is metamorphosis phonk, which features slowed down and distorted vocals from old Memphis rap tapes, creating a dark, eerie, and psychedelic sound. In this article, we will explore what phonk music is, where it came from, what metamorphosis phonk means, and how you can slow down music and create your own metamorphosis phonk tracks.

What is phonk music and where did it come from?

The origins and influences of phonk music

Phonk music originated in the early 1990s in the Southern United States, mainly in Houston and Memphis. The genre was influenced by the Houston chopped and screwed scene, which involved slowing down and manipulating rap songs with turntables and cassette players. Some of the pioneers of chopped and screwed music include DJ Screw, X-Raided, DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Squeeky, and the collective Three 6 Mafia. These artists used samples from horror movies, video games, soul, funk, jazz, and classic hip-hop to create a unique and gritty sound that reflected the harsh realities of life in the South.