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R2b Return To Base Movie 2012 Torrent Kickass _HOT_ Download

R2B: Return to Base - A Korean Aviation Action Drama Film

R2B: Return to Base is a 2012 South Korean film that is loosely based on the 1986 film Top Gun. It stars Rain, Shin Se-kyung and Yoo Jun-sang as elite air force pilots who face various challenges and conflicts in their missions. The film was directed by Kim Dong-won and is a remake of Shin Sang-ok's 1964 film Red Scarf. It was released on August 15, 2012 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

R2b Return To Base Movie 2012 Torrent Kickass Download

The film follows Captain Jung Tae-yoon (Rain), a talented but reckless pilot who is transferred to a combat flying unit after performing a dangerous stunt at an air show. There he meets Major Lee Cheol-hee (Yoo Jun-sang), the unit's top gun who is strict and by-the-book. The two clash over their different styles and personalities, but also develop a friendship and respect for each other. They also encounter romance with Yoo Se-young (Shin Se-kyung), a technical officer, and Oh Yoo-jin (Lee Ha-na), a flight controller.

The film features several aerial action scenes, such as dogfights, missile attacks, and emergency landings. The film was shot with the full support of the Republic of Korea Air Force, which provided real F-15K fighter jets and Black Eagles aerobatic team for the filming. The film also hired a team of cinematographers who worked on Hollywood films such as The Dark Knight, Con Air, and Stealth to capture the realistic and thrilling scenes in the sky.

R2B: Return to Base was the last film that Rain starred in before he enlisted in the mandatory military service in October 2011. The film was also known under the alternate titles Black Eagle and Soar Into the Sun. The film had a budget of US$8 million and grossed US$7.3 million at the box office.

If you are interested in watching R2B: Return to Base, you can download it from torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents. However, be aware that downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal and may result in legal consequences. You can also watch it legally on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video.

The film also explores the personal lives and relationships of the pilots and their colleagues. Tae-yoon develops a romantic interest in Se-young, who is also pursued by Cheol-hee. Yoo-jin has a crush on Tae-yoon, but he does not reciprocate her feelings. Seok-hyun struggles with survivor's guilt after Dae-suh's death and blames Tae-yoon for not saving him. Tae-bong is a comic relief character who often gets into trouble with his superiors.

The film culminates in a final showdown between the South Korean and North Korean air forces, when the latter launches a surprise attack on Seoul. Tae-yoon and Cheol-hee lead the 21st Fighter Wing to defend the city and engage in a fierce dogfight with the enemy MiGs. They manage to shoot down most of them, but one of them escapes and heads toward a nuclear power plant. Tae-yoon chases after it and manages to destroy it before it can cause a meltdown, but he is hit by a missile and ejects from his plane. He lands safely on a bridge, where he is reunited with Se-young, who arrives in a helicopter to rescue him.

The film ends with a celebration of the victory and the heroes of the 21st Fighter Wing. Tae-yoon and Se-young kiss, while Yoo-jin looks on with sadness. Cheol-hee congratulates Tae-yoon and gives him his respect. Seok-hyun overcomes his trauma and joins the Black Eagles aerobatic team. Tae-bong continues to make jokes and annoy his superiors. c481cea774


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