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David Bell
David Bell

Anne Bishop's World of the Black Jewels: What You Need to Know Before Reading Shalador's Lady

Shalador's Lady: A Review of Anne Bishop's Eighth Book in the Black Jewels Series


If you are a fan of dark fantasy with a touch of romance, you might have heard of the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop. This series consists of nine novels and several short stories that explore a world where magic is governed by jewels that indicate one's rank and power. In this world, there are three realms: Terreille, Kaeleer, and Hell, each with its own races, cultures, and politics. The series follows the lives and struggles of various characters who are connected by their loyalty to a young girl named Jaenelle Angelline, who is destined to become the Queen of Darkness and bring balance to the realms.

Anne Bishop Shalador

One of the most popular authors in this genre is Anne Bishop, who has written over twenty novels and won several awards for her work. She is known for her complex and original world-building, her strong and diverse characters, and her ability to blend dark themes with humor and hope. She lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing.