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Messi Is Better Than Ronaldo Essay

In this list, we had an overview of the Top 10 reasons why Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo. As a soccer fan, its best to gulp in all the magic created by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. With both of them well over thirties, it best to not miss their games as long as they are playing. Let the rivalry intensify and let the superstars perform their best.

messi is better than ronaldo essay

"I have nothing but praise for the boy. He is easily the best player in the world. He is better than Kaka and better than Messi. He is streets ahead of them all. His contribution as a goal threat is unbelievable. His stats are incredible. Strikes at goal, attempts on goal, raids into the penalty box, headers. It is all there. Absolutely astounding." - Sir Alex Ferguson, July 2009.

He is more complete than Messi and possesses a vastly wider array of skills: he has the pace of Bale, the flair and skills of Neymar and better shots than those of Falcao. It is common knowledge that he is able to dance around players and he is not the only player in this category but only Ronaldo can completely take to pieces the ability and confidence of a player.

Kibin. (2023). A comparison between lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, two best soccer players in the world. -examples/a-comparison-between-lionel-messi-and-cristiano-ronaldo-two-best-soccer-players-in-the-world-iWQ7UcTs

"A Comparison between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Two Best Soccer Players in the World." Kibin, 2023,

1. "A Comparison between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Two Best Soccer Players in the World." Kibin, 2023. -examples/a-comparison-between-lionel-messi-and-cristiano-ronaldo-two-best-soccer-players-in-the-world-iWQ7UcTs.

"A Comparison between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Two Best Soccer Players in the World." Kibin, 2023. -examples/a-comparison-between-lionel-messi-and-cristiano-ronaldo-two-best-soccer-players-in-the-world-iWQ7UcTs.

Messi is not only an incredible scorer and gifted playmaker, he also makes everyone around him a better player. A true leader, he brings his team together. Not only does he have more assists and key passes than Ronaldo, he is always using his phenomenal vision to keep his teammates involved. He has great tactical intelligence, finding free spaces to move into, receiving the ball and then laying it off to a team-mate, to build attacks.

The struggle that is required by Messi to score a goal is nearly half to that of the struggle made by Ronaldo to make a goal. Messi has the best record to score a goal if the football is anywhere within 30 yards of the goal pole. Ronaldo is taller than that of Messi so it may looks as if he could easily use his head well to hit to the football and make it go where it must go. But Messi could use his head in a better way, and his achievement shows that he is more precise with his head and a better header as compare to that of Ronaldo.

Offensive is better than defensive! It might be correct but being defensive is similarly important in a football game. Studies on the football game have revealed that Messi has a much better and higher attacking speed as that of Ronaldo. Messi enjoys taking the bull by the horn and is continually shielding his team by making rapid changes by using his legs. Ronaldo is very good at free-kicks, and there are more chances of goals, but Messi has a very higher interruption speed, and it is an important point while covering a football team. Ronaldo is taller to that of Messi and seems to be very powerful, but he frequently went down after sometimes by the uneven interaction with the other players. It is difficult to place Messi in trouble and also after some problematic behaviors in the football ground he keep on moving like a firm bull on his winning job. Permitted, Ronaldo can kick hard, and the ball indeed moves too far away when he hits the ball, but long shots are more dazzling than that of precise(Hodges).

People love Cristiano Ronaldo. I sometimes lose sight of that fact, which probably says more about me than it does about him. Twelve years ago, when the world was new and he and Messi were young, it started to become clear what the next era of soccer was going to look like, and you had two choices about how you were going to live in it. Namely:(1) You could try to see that both Messi and Ronaldo were human beings, complex and changeable, and you could understand that the story of their careers would not be a simple moral fable but would encompass all the contingency and ambiguity of any human life, and would therefore elude interpretation. Or...(2) You could just kind of not do those things.If you are one of the six people on earth who chose option (1), congratulations: Please teach me to be a better person. I landed on option (2). I didn't do it on purpose, really. It was just so much fun to see Ronaldo as a foil for Messi. Because I saw him that way, and most people I knew saw him that way, and Anglophone soccer Twitter overwhelmingly saw him that way, I sort of missed the part where hundreds of millions of people developed a passionate connection with him and came to view the world as a fable in which he was good. They did, though. Or if not good, then at least meaningful. After Ronaldo's $130 million transferpalooza from Real Madrid to Juventus in July, throngs of fans swarmed his medical evaluation in Turin. Security officers set up barricades. The crowd surged forward, everyone desperate for a spot at the front where they might see him, plead for an autograph, catch his eye. People held up mobile phones from too far back to be able to record anything except other people holding up mobile phones. They waved his jersey -- the lines to buy one stretched blocks -- and called his name. As he walked past, inevitably wearing the type of cologne-billboard gray suit that makes you look like you've just climbed out of a helicopter, which for all I know he had, the crowd stretched out its hands. It was as if Christ had returned, wearing Tom Ford.Some version of this madness plays out around high-profile soccer transfers, of course. Santi Cazorla was unveiled at Villarreal this month in an actual magic show. But it feels different where Ronaldo is concerned, in ways that can't entirely be quantified. The pitch is higher. The tone is more intense. Ronaldo has more Facebook followers (122 million) than anyone else alive. He has more Instagram followers (139 million) than anyone else alive who isn't Selena Gomez. Why on earth would you want to read his thoughts about anything on Twitter, but he's in the top 10 there, too, with a mere 73.9 million followers. And for the past three years, Ronaldo has topped the ESPN World Fame 100 as the most popular athlete on the planet, ahead of LeBron James and Messi.The hurricane of attention at whose center he sits is reality-warping to a degree no other athlete -- not Messi, not LeBron -- can equal. So when Ronaldo moves to your club, you have the normal ecstasy of gaining a new star to root for, yes, but you also have something more. You have the sense of a vast and epochal significance settling over your stadium. I'm sorry for putting it in bombastic terms, but the phenomenon is bombastic. This thing you care about is suddenly the headquarters of a World Force. And you get to participate in that, feel the pulse of that. Some part of it becomes yours, too. If there's one thing we know about Cristiano Ronaldo, seen here arriving for his medical at Juventus, it's this: He loves the attention. ALESSANDRO DI MARCO/EPA

Why is he(messi) finding it difficult to do that in farmers league (league 1)He is yet to hit the ground runningHow many different leagues has he played in to proof his sole called magic of becoming top scorer in each league he playedThe earlier you people accept that they are both good and they are different type of players with their different qualities the better for all your ignorance

Cristiano is very selfish and want everything for himself.He has won less trophies than MessiHe has won less ballordo than messiah only thing he has done is he has replayed more games hence more goals scored.

Pavel nedved I know,, Tiago mottha I know, ambrosini I know, philipo inzagi I know, Figo I know, xavi I know, iniesta I know, gerrad I know, Gilberto silver I know, lampard I know , makelele I know, Patrick viera I know, zidane I know, essien I know , rivaldo I know, Jay Jay okocha I know, ronaldinho I know, gattuso I know, Raul Gonzalez I know, let me mention but a few.. who amongst these great players were you better than?

please ronaldo way better than messi in barcelona all the teams tactic were build over him so he can score perfect goals with iniesta xavi look at psg no beautiful goals nor extraordinary work ronaldo with shit juventus god precision and very good performance the goal in football is to score goals and how no matter how the ball goes in

Read and know Who is better in football between Ronaldo and messi1) who scores more goal with head who scores more goal with weak foot? Who has more pest? Who runs more faster? Who dribles more? Who scored more inside and outside 18 yard box?Who has more stronger shot?Who sustains more on air with ball

Indeed, Pele flaunts a better goal return, 0.92 against Messi's 0.79. That feat can be downplayed considering the calibre of opposition. According to Emilio Castaño's statistical analysis of Pele's goals, he once scored eight against Botafogo but not the popular Brazilian side. It came against a side bearing the same name. Messi, meanwhile, has hit the target no fewer than 30 times in the last dozen seasons facing top opposition.

On the other hand, Messi has always been with Barcelona, and it becomes hard to know how he would perform in different leagues. Internationally, Messi is yet to find success. And for many people, that is the deciding factor; Ronaldo seems to be better than Messi because he is a proven winner on any team, rather than with a single club.


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