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5 : Daughter Of The Demon King ##VERIFIED##

The only daughter of the Demon Lord, Viper was born with a rare and magic skill, that being time manipulation. Due to her father fearing her magical abilities, she received only the bare minimum of demon lord education, resulting in her naïve personality much unlike the traditional demon lord. She had shortly become the Demon Lord after her father's death before surrendering to Kisaragi.

5 : Daughter of the Demon King

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In the climax of volume 5 of the light novel, Viper fakes her death by faking suicide with a flash grenade, shortly thereafter using Combat Agent Ten's Camouflage to flee. Several days later, Viper returns as Snake Woman "Viper", becoming one of Kisaragi Supreme Leaders.

Before long, though, the devil girl realizes what being the Eighth Demon Lord means: the other demon lords will stop at nothing to destroy her, and that will put everything she holds dear in peril as well. And to prevent that, Latina decides she must sacrifice herself.

Kent leads Lear through the storm to the hovel. He tries to get him to go inside, but Lear resists, saying that his own mental anguish makes him hardly feel the storm. He sends his Fool inside to take shelter and then kneels and prays. He reflects that, as king, he took too little care of the wretched and homeless, who have scant protection from storms such as this one.

Dale Reki is a highly skilled adventurer who has made quite a name for himself despite his youth. One day on a job deep in the forest, he comes across a little demon girl named Latina who has almost wasted away. Unable to just leave her there to die, Dale takes her home and becomes her adoptive father.

He is the husband of the Great Spirit Reno, and the father of their daughter, Misa. He became the Spirit King after Reno's passing and founded Unitary to create a better place for Misa due to her mixed-blood status.

Originally, Shin was a demon sword created by ancient demons to fight against the gods, as it gradually gained its own will during the battles against the gods. However, Shin's last wielder noticed the limits of his power, as he could not destroy the gods. So he endowed Shin with all of his strength, as he had hoped that in the future, someone else could wield Shin to defeat the gods, as the demon disappeared. After that, Shin somehow gained the physical form of a demon and became a living being, though he couldn't understand feelings or emotions as his source was still that of a demonic sword.

During the Great War, Shin met and challenged various famous demons to test their strength but easily defeated them with his own superior strength and swordsmanship skills. Eventually, he met the leader of the demons, Demon King Anos Voldigoad. Shin challenged him to a fight, but Anos could repel all his attacks, even though Shin had used over a hundred different demon swords. Growing interested in Anos, Shin asked him why he was so strong. Anos replied that "the weak cannot help anyone" as Anos countered and asked Shin why he was so strong, as Shin couldn't come up with a proper response, simply stating that he was strong because he was strong, as he was an ordinary sword. Anos asked Shin to become his subordinate. Shin accepted as he had finally found a master worthy of his loyalty, eventually rising to become Anos' right-hand and most trusted subordinate.

Reno thanked Shin for protecting her and asked him to end their daughter's life if she ever threatened the world, as she was born from the story of the Fictional Demon King of Tyranny Avos Dilhevia. Despite being the right hand of the true Demon King of Tyranny, Shin refused, saying that he would create a world for their child to live in. After Reno's death, Shin continued to live without reincarnating, spreading rumors about Avos for his daughter to continue living. Due to Reno's disappearance, he also took over her role as protector and leader of the spirits in Aharthern, becoming known as the Spirit King.

Ten years afterwards, Merlin was first seen wearing a long violet cloak that covered her whole body and her face, making her sex ambiguous. When the cloak was ripped apart, Merlin was shown to look very similar to her appearance on her wanted poster. She is seen as a tall, slender, attractive, and light skinned woman with three beauty marks below her right eye (though after her reappearance after Hendrickson's defeat, she appears to only have a single, lower-placed, larger beauty mark). Her outfit consists of a highly revealing and open fur collared long coat, with heart shaped buttons, short shorts that resemble panties with a heart on it, and thigh high boots. Merlin's hair is at shoulder length and black.

Prior to the Seven Deadly Sins' supposed betrayal, Merlin demonstrates a playful nature telling her teammates that their meeting with the Great Holy Knight might turn out to be a scolding from their superior for destroying the Great Druid Altar. Merlin is also apologetic in asking for her captain's forgiveness for knocking him out. She enjoys mocking and challenging others, teasing her apprentice Vivian for losing herself in rage again. Merlin tends to use anyone as a magical guinea pig to test out new techniques she learned so long as the results are good (as Meliodas had noted).

Merlin is described as a very mysterious woman as many who know her have a difficult time telling what she is after. She expressed excitement when the Ten Commandments were free, primarily knowing she could gain a large amount of information from their appearance and taking an interest in Escanor's powers due to the many mysteries surrounding him. According to Meliodas, Merlin tends to take an interest in anything that is considered "rare" such as Escanor's powers and various Demons she can use for her experiments. Even Demons have a hard time understanding what she's after.

Despite her usually kind and calm behavior, Merlin knows when to be serious. As when regarding the revival of the Commandments, she scolded Hawk for taking the situation lightly. She also took command after Arthur was killed refusing to let anyone else she cares for to die.

Merlin was born in Belialuin, the capital of the wizards, which remained neutral in the conflict between the Goddess Clan and the Demon Clan. She was taken on the path of wizardy by her father and the magician Gowther. Merlin was born with the strongest and most unique magic, besides being a prodigy with a talent and wit such that she surpassed the wisemen of the capital. Together with other children with aptitude for magic, Merlin was experimented on by the people of Belialiun as a test subject under the pretext of researching the ultimate magic, but in reality they sought to turn the children into weapons against the higher ranking goddesses and demons.

When the news about a miraculous child born with infinite magic soon spread in the realms of the goddesses and the demons, both parties tried to put the girl on their side to tip the balance of the war in their favor. The people of Belialuin opposed this, claiming that both the girl and her power were their property. However, against the wishes of her people, Merlin decided to negotiate with the gods of both clans, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King, and said she would follow the one who gave her the best blessing. The Demon King gave her all the knowledge of the dark secret arts of Demon Realm and made her immune to the brainwashing and possession abilities of the goddesses. The Supreme Deity gave her protection against dark curses and Commandments. Merlin somehow managed to deceive both gods to renege on them by accepting both blessings. Furious, the two gods unleashed their anger against Belialuin, cursing it with fog and death for a thousand days and destroying it with fire and lightning. Merlin was able to escape unharmed, becoming the only survivor of Belialuin.

Merlin would reunite with Meliodas when he was already serving the kingdom of Liones, as the founding members of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it was she who guided by the vision of King Bartra, identified the other five members, while Meliodas himself recruited them. While Meliodas recruited most of the Sins personally, it has been implied that Merlin helped somewhat with the recruitment of Gowther as Meliodas was friends with the original Gowther 3,000 years ago and both were aware of his past. At some point, Merlin gave Gowther an enchanted armor to keep him in check.

When Merlin and Meliodas met Escanor, they invited him to join the Seven Deadly Sins. However, the two were forced to restrain him by order of the King to stop the havoc that Escanor was causing in the villages, leading him to become a member of the Sins after Meliodas got the kingdom to exonerate him. The sorceress took interest in the man, and he fell in love with her at first sight. She was never afraid of his monstrous strength. Merlin witnessed the fight that Escanor and Meliodas had to decide whether Escanor would join them or not. After Escanor falls unconscious, Merlin fulfilled his request to reunite him with Rosa, sending him briefly to the Capital of the Dead.

Merlin and her fellow Deadly Sins were summoned by the Great Holy Knight Zaratras to discuss the recent loss of the Kingdom of Edinburgh to a clan of Vampires. Merlin did not fight much during the mission, simply teleporting the group to the location and keeping an eye on Escanor to ensure he did not lose control of his powers. After picking up Orlondi's eye ball, because Ban was tired from doing a hundred thousand push-ups, Merlin and Gowther were left to knock Escanor out and take him home after he killed the Vampire King Izraf. They then witnessed Meliodas' hidden power when he created a hole 30,000 feet deep. Later, she entered Escanor's room asking him to read a poem he wrote for her.

After defeating a troll queen and accidentally destroying the Great Druid Altar, Merlin was summoned along with the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins to a castle to meet the Great Holy Knight Zaratras. After they found him dead, all the Sins were ambushed by the Liones Holy Knights.[2] After Meliodas ordered the group to disperse, a little girl helped the Deadly Sins to escape. In the chaos, the girl was heavily injured, and Meliodas lost control of his anger. Merlin apologized to him and knocked him unconscious, stealing his strength and taking it to Istar to seal it away until the time came. 041b061a72


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