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Buy The Truck Load

Truckload shipping is a method of transporting large shipments in trucks via roadways. Simply put, when a ship reaches port, the container is taken off the ship and placed onto a truck to make the final leg of the journey to the drop-off location.

buy the truck load

A truckload is nothing but the quantity of goods that can be transported in a truck. The average weight a truck and trailer combination is comfortable hauling is generally between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds. Dry vans can carry up to 45,000 pounds. In terms of pallets, a truck can carry up to 30 standard pallets safely.

1. Capacity crunch- With this form of shipping, capacity is a concern. With trucking companies getting booked all year round. Small to mid-sized businesses, can find it difficult to find any truck capacity with bigger companies taking up nearly all the truckers in the market.

3. Loading and unloading charges- All carriers will charge you very high rates for loading and unloading goods that exceed the allowed time limit. With full truckload shipping, the loading of an entire trailer takes time, this could lead to you having to pay those fees. To avoid this extra payment, we recommend you ensure that your cargo is accurately packaged, wrapped, palatalized, and stacked. If you keep everything in order at the dock door before the trucker arrives, the time it takes to load the freight will be reduced considerably.