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Crack Gta Iv Eflc


GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City are two of the most popular games in the Grand Theft Auto series. However, many players have encountered problems with the latest updates that prevent them from using mods and playing online. In this article, we will show you how to crack GTA IV EFLC and enjoy the game without any restrictions.

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GTA IV EFLC is the latest official patch for the game that was released by Rockstar Games on March 16, 2023. It fixes some bugs and improves the performance and stability of the game. However, it also disables all online capabilities, removes all anti-debugging tricks, scans and blocks files listed in files.txt, and requires RGSC (Rockstar Games Social Club) to run the game. This means that players who want to use mods, trainers, or play online with friends will not be able to do so.

How to crack GTA IV EFLC

To crack GTA IV EFLC, you will need to download and install a tool called XLiveLess. This is a replacement for xlive.dll, which is a file that handles the online functions of the game. XLiveLess will disable all online features, but it will also enable you to use mods, trainers, and load saves from any offline user. Here are the steps to crack GTA IV EFLC with XLiveLess:

  • Download XLiveLess 0.999b7 from the link provided.

  • Extract the zip file and copy xlive.dll and xlive_d.dll to your GTA IV or EFLC installation folder (usually C:\\Program Files\\Rockstar Games\\Grand Theft Auto IV or C:\\Program Files\\Rockstar Games\\EFLC).

  • Create a folder named plugins in your GTA IV or EFLC installation folder and copy any mods or trainers you want to use there.

  • Run the game as usual and enjoy!

Alternative methods

If you do not want to use XLiveLess, there are other ways to crack GTA IV EFLC as well. For example, you can use a crack by Razor1911 , which will bypass the RGSC requirement and allow you to play offline without any problems. However, this crack may not work with some mods or trainers, so you will have to test them yourself.


GTA IV EFLC is a patch that fixes some issues with the game, but also prevents players from using mods and playing online. To crack GTA IV EFLC, you can use XLiveLess or Razor1911's crack, depending on your preference and compatibility with your mods or trainers.

We hope this article was helpful for you and that you can enjoy GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City without any limitations.


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