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Santiago Robinson
Santiago Robinson

Play Real War on Windows 10: Tips and Tricks to Fix Compatibility Issues

Both tech and gameplay-wise,Real War is purely RTS, built from the ground up to offer the most up-to-date experience for PC game players. You directly control the movement of your armies--and it shows. Driven by the same sub-seven-second speed and joystick movement that's been standard since the first RTS games were released--the game's crisp, clean graphics are fully optimized for fast and exciting gameplay.

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The slow pace of the base Real Warsingle player experience is largely due to the inherent gameplay style. Playing solo against any opponent is guaranteed to be an uninteresting, spectator-like experience. Multiplayer isn't much more interesting. You'll be facing ten or more players on each side, all picking up troops and carefully positioning them within the confines of a small, hex-based map. All told, you'll find the game's multiplayer pretty anticlimactic. When the match ends, you can then set your units to automatic, have them move for you, or manually control your troops to your heart's content. In its single-player mode, at least, you can essentially forget about tactical maneuvers and just get on with the war. And the war goes on for a long time. If you're into the RTS genre, this is where you'll want to be.

Real Waris a near-perfect marriage of a proven gameplay style with a modern presentation. The game's tech and gameplay are only average, but its presentation is by far the best feature I've seen in a RTS for a long time. The game manages to look very impressive while remaining highly functional. There's no fiddly menu jumping, a wide variety of features, and over a hundred units to choose from--all of which looks slick and well-detailed. Then there's the game's design choices. Real War manages to be both retro and current. It's not old-school like a game like Warcraft, but the game still retains a visual look that an old-school RTS would be proud of. The majority of the UI is intuitive and easy-to-learn. The UI has a three-dimensional feel, but all the buttons and menus are two-dimensional. The gameplay is basically pure RTS, but the graphics give it an almost Unreal-like look, and the game is even to the point with its intense pace.


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