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Ravnica City Of Guilds Book Pdf Download [PORTABLE]

As the primary stakeholder of one of the most successfulindependent, fully licensedthieveries in the metropolitan center ofthe plane, Capobar rarely saw the need for personalrisk and evenless for passing through the city gates to the world beyond. He wasnot acoward, or fearful for his life, but he was realist ic. Hewasnt as nimble as he used to be, andtruth be told, he had taken tohis office more and more of late. Well into his eight iesCapobarhad been the best thief in the whole sect ion. Now he hadthe books to oversee and face-to-face negot iat ions to lead. Thosewere the heart of his business as he entered his 101styear.Fortunately he had an excellent eye for talent, so Capobar andAssociates was doing as wellif not betterthan it had when he tookon most jobs alone.

ravnica city of guilds book pdf download

In the wake of the Decamillennial, the League of Wojek had foundits ranks decimated.Between the corrupted Selesnyan quietmen andtheir mad at tack on every wojek fort in thecity, and thedisturbingly widespread lurker infilt rat ion (st ill not a widelyknown fact outside theLeague), hundreds of wojek officers had beenkilled. Before the reckoning of wojek losses waseven complete manymore had left the service for higher-paying jobs in security. Andsome, likeFonn Zunichs t roubled friend Agrus Kos, simply quit .This created a void that needed filling,and the League turned tosimilar organizat ions with other guilds that could help. Fonnsfatherhad been a wojek, and she was one of the first ledev tovolunteer for the auxiliary ranks. Shetook to the work easily. Itwas in her blood, perhaps even more than the open road.

Based on the popular Magic: The Gathering setting, this sourcebook adds a cornucopia of new things to any campaign or player character. First, you get guides to all ten guilds of Ravnica, which work as factions within the new, absolutely enormous setting.

The text of the Guildpact spelled out specific roles for each guild within the infrastructure of Ravnica, allowing the city to grow while the guilds coexisted in relative peace. But the true power of the Guildpact was the strength of its magically binding force, which absolutely prevented large-scale violence among the guilds.


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