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Surrender to His Obsession: A Dark MC Romance (Angels Halo MC Next Gen Book 13) by Terri Anne Browning

Angels Halo: A Dark Romance Series by Terri Anne Browning

If you are looking for a dark romance series that will keep you hooked, entertained, and emotionally invested, then you might want to check out Angels Halo by Terri Anne Browning. This series follows the lives and loves of the members of the Angels Halo MC, a motorcycle club that is involved in some shady business and dangerous enemies. Each book focuses on a different couple, but the storylines are interconnected and span over several years. You will get to know the characters, their backgrounds, their struggles, and their passions as they face challenges, secrets, betrayals, and heartbreaks.

angels halo terri anne browning epub 13


In this article, I will give you an overview of what Angels Halo is about, why you should read it, and how to get it in ebook format. I will also include some spoilers, so be warned if you haven't read the series yet.

What is Angels Halo about?