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Best Wordlist For Fern Wifi Cracker ((INSTALL))

I have a question. How can I use RockYou2021.txt.gz ? for example, after I downloaded it and put it on Kali linux in any folders, what should I do that wifite2 use it as wordlist as default? because I can not replace it on /usr/share/wordlist/.

Best Wordlist For Fern Wifi Cracker

We have compiled a list of the best wifi password hacking or recovery tools that can be used for educational purposes and to hack your own systems or wifi networks. If you are looking to become a cybersecurity professional, you would have to understand wifi hacking and learn about wireless technologies.

Wordlists are located inside the /usr/share directory. Here, we have the dirb directory for the wordlists to be used while using the dirb tool to perform Directory Bruteforce. Then we have the dirbuster that is a similar tool that also performs Directory Bruteforce but with some additional options. Then we have a fern-wifi directory which helps to break the Wi-Fi Authentications. Then we have the Metasploit which uses wordlists for almost everything. Then there is a nmap wordlist that contains that can be used while scanning some specific services. Then we have the Rockstar of Wordlists: rockyou. This is compressed by default and you will have to extract it before using it. It is very large with 1,44,42,062 values that could be passwords for a lot of user accounts on the internet. At last, we have the wfuzz directory that has the wordlists that can be used clubbed with wfuzz.

The Assetnode Wordlist releases a specially curated wordlist for a whole wide range of areas such as the subdomain discovery or special artifacts discovery. The best part is that it gets updated on the 28th of Each month as per their website. This is the next best thing that was released ever since the Seclists. To download all wordlists at once anybody can use the following wget command.

CeWL is a Ruby application that spiders a given URL to a specified depth, optionally following external links, and returns a list of words that can then be used for password crackers such as John the Ripper. CeWL also has an associated command-line app, FAB (Files Already Bagged) which uses the same metadata extraction techniques to create author/creator lists from already downloaded. Here we are running CeWL against the tart URL and saving the output into a wordlist by the name of dict.txt.

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