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Where To Buy Semi Precious Stones For Jewelry Making [UPD]

Agate is a type of chalcedony with banded colors, and it's been used as a semi-precious stone since the Bronze Age. Agates occur in many colors, and their patterns can range from stripes or swirls to clusters of circular shapes. Agates are made primarily of silica. While some agate stones are transparent like chalcedony, others form an opaque layer of various colors when seen through light passing through the stone. Some agates are cryptocrystalline in nature which means they are composed from microscopic crystals. In the past, agates were believed to possess powers that cured ailments and gave its wearer courage, protection from harm, and good luck. They have since become popular gifts for loved ones due to their natural beauty and symbolism.

where to buy semi precious stones for jewelry making

Howlite is a beautiful, soft, white to off-white-colored gemstone with excellent clarity, a good luster and can be dyed easily as well. As far as jewelry goes, howlite has been used to make beads and cabochons. Howlite is rather durable for a softer stone but it's not recommended for everyday wear because it does scratch easily. This semi-precious stone also has some spiritual and healing properties. Howlite's energy helps release blocked emotions which may be helpful during stressful situations such as grief or fear. Howlite gemstones are among the most affordable and abundant stones in the world. It helps impart patience and awareness, while being believed to be the stone of calmness.

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Natural stones of high economic value are known as precious and semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones have economic appeal, even though they are not as rare and exotic as precious stones. To differentiate between precious and semi-precious stones, experts consider various characteristics such as index of refraction, relative density, dispersion, stiffness, cracking, cleavage, sheen, etc. The most common precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Topaz, quartz, citrine, aquamarine, agate, hematite, jade, garnet, and gold stone are among the semi-precious stones. The United States, China and India, Japan, and Middle Eastern countries are the largest consumers of precious and semi-precious stones. Italy and the United Kingdom are two of Europe's biggest customers. Americans adore gemstones and have the resources to purchase them. The United States sells more gemstones than any other nation on the planet. In 2013, US customers purchased 35% of the global supply of gems, although the US only accounts for around 4.4 per cent of the total population.