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For more information, or to support the riders in the 2022 Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer ride, please visit or follow the ride on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by using #C2C4C22.

The study will be conducted in two sites: Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah. We are seeking transit riders to help inform the study through photos and interviews. Participants will be compensated up to $50 for their labor. The researchers will be recruiting participants for this study through the end of August.

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Lastly just kind of to say this a lot of them are done on existing pavement within the right of way. Sometimes it is just remarking and it can be done temporarily. There is just not a lot of effort you have to put in but you need to consider all the other aspects of traffic. Remember to think about on case by case basis. This is an all winding roads. Improvements come out and often times people want to apply them everywhere and this is again a one ports will the toolbox. There are trade-offs that are involved here are just a few examples like Ike lanes and might help with the mobility and safety for bike riders. But you might have to get rid of parking.

Then on the bottom photo you will see a bicycle rider that he is using the bike lane. There is a separation between the bike rider in the traffic. In terms of traffic operations it is crazy because I would like you to look at the picture for us if you look on the upper right hand this is Edgewater Drive. This was one of the first road diet projects. It was in the road [indiscernible]. It had parking both sides and also sidewalks. As part of the land resurfacing and in conversations with the community so we traffic standing and it indicates that it was very good candidate so we can go ahead and do that. You have bike lanes on both sides and we kept the parking as well. Some of the bike rider is were close to the parking and the driver were to open the door that would be a hazard but we have identified it will be a good candidate some of the benefits that we are reducing but provide in the left turn that are available manner sections. Some issues and maybe some potential diversions. It is critical and terms of the roadway works how can we accommodate those it will be the way that we have [indiscernible] in terms of sidewalks what is the connectivity where they coming from. Do we have acceptable programs and just enjoying landscaping Anna [indiscernible]. And then the park on the other side [indiscernible-heavy accent] there were no provisions if you look at the picture you can see there is a lot of residential but there are no sidewalks are bike lanes so the community requested for the road diet. So after so if you look at the picture below you have bike lanes on both sides but you have a multiuser pass on the right-hand side. We also started landscaping I just want to bring to your attention that the reason why we have a multi-use path was because of the users. They can go ahead and write in the bike lane they are using the bike path. It was a win-win situation for everybody. And terms of transit impacts you have potential delays, like the volumes added headways. Where will be the location of the bus stops the near or far side? Do we need to have less plots? You have a person in a wheelchair waiting for the bus so this is a multi-[indiscernible]. What will be parking for persons with disabilities if you look at the picture above you have the [indiscernible] parking. However, some and they are using the real parking and the benefits of the vehicle when is pulling out of the parking can go ahead and see if there are any complex in terms of the bumper [indiscernible-heavy accent]. What is best may be you need to put in some other steps. The lane that repurpose the we need to use for bus especially with businesses you must talk to the public and last but not least. The design of variations and exceptions is usually for trouble lanes and wet and all landscaping components. The utilities generally did not impact if improvements are within existing right away. It can affect the degree of mobility and access function. Lowering costs, especially if Corday with this project. It is very inexpensive. I would like to share with you two projects one that was denied a one that was approved I want you to see that they were both affective this project is located they wanted to improve [indiscernible] part of this was to make sure that they identified the terminal point. This corridor is a six lane and a measured commuter lane. Landscape medium having the bike lanes what this tells you is that after several conversations they decided to reject this project so they did not move forward and has since what the road diet was not approved they knew what to expect the other one is in the Tampa area this one was 3.2 [indiscernible] it was constructed almost 9 years ago. It wasn't enough to sell but it was the coordination.

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