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David Bell
David Bell

Vonage Best Buy

If you have Vonage service, this is one of the best wireless headsets you can buy because it's been thoroughly tested and proven compatible with Vonage systems. Instead of choosing between a single speaker (mono) headset or a dual speaker (duo) headset, both are included in the box. It's the only headset on the market that can be both in a matter of seconds, giving you the freedom to have mono or stereo sound.

vonage best buy

Overall, if you're looking for a Vonage headset that has excellent sound, a noise-cancelling microphone, all-day comfort and battery life, 300 feet of wireless freedom, the flexibility to switch from mono to duo headbands, all backed with a 3-year warranty. This Vonage wireless headset is going to be your best overall value.

"The addition of unlimited calling to Pakistan meets the needs of the more than 700,000 people of Pakistani descent living in the United States," said Marc Lefar, Chief Executive Officer at Vonage. "Coupled with the lowering of per-minutes rates to Bangladesh, Vonage is demonstrating our commitment to offer the best in international calling solutions for our customers."

The plan is offered for a low rate of $9.99 per month for the first three months, and $25.99 thereafter. For more information about all of Vonage's international calling solutions, please visit

Keeping Vonage CEO Rory Read as the head of this new Ericsson division is the best possible move for the combined entities. Ericsson did not have success in the past, so keeping an executive team focused on the UC&C market can keep the revenue flowing.

Global businesses who want to stay connected to their customers overseas will be best served by 88 thanks to its wide reach. Unlimited calling to 47 countries is the type of international value that no other provider can offer.

Vonage is one of the best-known providers of VOIP, offering combined local and domestic long-distance calling plans at flat monthly rates. The company has about 1.6 million subscriber lines, 95 percent of them in the U.S. But its rapid growth, including a tripling of lines during 2005, has come at the cost of huge marketing expenses and ongoing losses. During last year and the first quarter of 2005, Vonage spent almost $332 million on marketing. In the first quarter, the company lost $72.8 million on revenue of $119 million.

Since not everyone can be a scientist, artist, or professional, and since a large number of manufacturing jobs simply will not be coming back, the best strategy may be to elevate the millions of new service-sector jobs our economy is generating into secure, respectable, high-paying jobs. When I asked a group of my students whether they would prefer to work in good, high-paying jobs in a machine tool factory or lower-paying temporary jobs in a hair salon, they overwhelmingly chose the latter, for its more psychologically rewarding, creative work. Indeed, while vocational training programs for machinists go begging for students, cosmetology classes are overfilled.

So we need to introduce more real problem-solving into education. But as I suggested in the beginning of this essay, even the best education will not solve the basic distributional problem now facing the country. Any economist will tell you that rising labor productivity is the key to rising living standards. As we now can see, however, that statement only holds in the aggregate: the distribution of the rising living standards is always up for grabs.

But, first, kind regards to Frank, who made very extensive and very valuable comments on my review of The World is Flat. One of his best ones was related to the idea of salary caps. It made me do a considerable revision. Back on this later.

The point is that saying cultural factors matter to innovation and economic growth, and trying to show that they do matter in a fact-based, empirical manner, is quite different from trying to stoke the fires of the culture wars. My honest best sense of the culture wars is that in an environment so hotly ideologically and politically charged we need more, not less, objective research on these matters. 041b061a72

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