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Khalid Swift

Buy Fridge Seals Online

If your fridge remembers the 80s (or earlier), then its definitely worth thinking of replacing it. Even if it has been meticulously maintained and still runs like a charm, older fridges still tend to be energy-guzzlers and may be a contributor to your hefty power bills.

buy fridge seals online

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The theory behind a traditional fridge motor is that when the thermostat drops below a certain temperature, the motor runs the compressor until the fridge cools down, whereupon the motor shuts back off.

The same principle applies when you change your diet, whether for medical or personal reasons. Some foods take up more room than others and may get great use out of specialised storage sections (such as fresh veggies in the crisper or adjustable mid-drawer), and necessitate a bigger fridge to accommodate them comfortably.

Newer fridges have a lot of cool features, that are both useful and fun to play with. Cooling drawers with adjustable climate settings can provide a home for various favourites, while door-in-door designs are g