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Casanova Malayalam Movie Download Dvdrip 2016: How To Watch The Stylish Romantic Thriller Online

Casanova Malayalam Movie Download Dvdrip 2016: How to Watch the Stylish Romantic Thriller Online

Casanova is a 2012 Malayalam-language romantic thriller film directed by Rosshan Andrrews and starring Mohanlal in the lead role. The film revolves around Mohanlal as Casanovva, a rich and charismatic businessman who is a serial lover of beautiful women. The film also features Shriya Saran, Lakshmi Rai, Roma Asrani, Jagathy Sreekumar and Sanjana in supporting roles.

Casanova Malayalam Movie Download Dvdrip 2016: How to Watch the Stylish Romantic Thriller Online

The film was released on 26 January 2012 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its stylish presentation, cinematography, music and action sequences, but criticized for its weak script, excessive length and lack of originality. The film was also one of the most expensive Malayalam films ever made, with a budget of over â20 crore.

If you are a fan of Mohanlal or romantic thrillers, you might be interested in watching Casanova online. However, finding a legal and safe way to download or stream the film can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to watch Casanova Malayalam movie download dvdrip 2016 online:

  • The easiest and most reliable way to watch Casanova online is to buy or rent the film from official platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies or iTunes. These platforms offer high-quality video and audio, subtitles and customer support. You can also watch the film on your preferred device, such as a laptop, smartphone or smart TV.

  • Another option is to use a VPN service to access geo-restricted streaming sites that may have Casanova available. A VPN is a software that changes your IP address and encrypts your online traffic, allowing you to bypass censorship and access content from other countries. However, this method is not recommended as it may violate the terms of service of the streaming sites and expose you to legal risks.

  • A third option is to look for torrent sites or file-sharing platforms that may have Casanova Malayalam movie download dvdrip 2016 files. However, this method is also not recommended as it may involve downloading malware, viruses or spyware along with the film. Moreover, downloading or sharing pirated content is illegal and unethical, as it harms the filmmakers and the industry.

Therefore, the best way to watch Casanova online is to use official platforms that offer legal and safe streaming or downloading options. By doing so, you can enjoy the film without compromising your security or violating any laws.

In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the plot of Casanova Malayalam movie, without spoiling the twists and turns. If you want to watch the film online, you can skip this section and go to the tips above.

The film begins with a robbery carried out by four young criminals: Alexi (Vikramjeet Virk), Salim (Shahid Shamzy), Arjun (Arjun Nandhakumar) and Kiran (Abhishek Vinod). They target rich people and loot their valuables. They decide to attend a wedding as guests of Casanovva, who is also invited. Casanovva recognizes them but lets them in, having some plan in his mind.

Casanovva is a billionaire playboy who owns Casanovva's Eternal Spring, an international chain of flower boutiques. He is a charming and charismatic man who has a loyal array of female followers, including his staff, friends and former girlfriends. He is also a master of disguise and deception, who can fool anyone with his wit and charm.

At the wedding, Casanovva meets Sameera (Shriya Saran), a journalist who is investigating the robberies. She is also the fiancÃe of Joseph (Riyaz Khan), a police officer who is after the robbers. Casanovva is instantly attracted to Sameera and tries to woo her. However, she is not impressed by his advances and rejects him.

Casanovva also meets Hanna (Raai Laxmi) and Ann Mary (Roma Asrani), two of his employees who are in love with him. He decides to use them as pawns in his plan to trap the robbers. He creates a fake reality show called Fall in Love, where he makes Hanna and Ann Mary fall in love with Alexi and Arjun respectively. He secretly records their love scenes using hidden cameras and broadcasts them live on TV.

Meanwhile, Sameera discovers that Casanovva is behind the reality show and confronts him. She also learns that he has a dark past that haunts him. He was once in love with Nidhi (Sanjjanaa Galrani), who was killed by a gang of robbers led by Zachariah (Lalu Alex). Casanovva has been seeking revenge ever since.

The film then takes several twists and turns as Casanovva's plan backfires and he finds himself in danger. He also realizes that he has fallen in love with Sameera for real. Will he be able to catch the robbers and win Sameera's heart? Will he be able to overcome his past and find happiness? Watch Casanova Malayalam movie download dvdrip 2016 online to find out. 04f6b60f66

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