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David Bell

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Mouse Cursor.p3d.39 in VR Projects

hey dan good to know that this has been fixed in a new build. i may be bit early to upgrade yet, but it'll come soon. thanks hope the p3d patches continue to improve performance. in the meantime, i'll try to enjoy my vr immersive worlds. i hope you have a good weekend too. have a nice day. thanks for the updates dan. i've found that steamvr is still locking up my machine (rtx2070) when i try to set up the portal. i get a message in the title bar that steamvr system is stopping all non-vr activity. the only solution i have found is to reboot. i hope the update helps. have a great rest of the week. thanks. oh i got your reply dan but my steamvr computer will not start after the new update. i also don't see a chance to make the upgrade to next version unless i can get my system to run again. i'll try to check the new build. have a good one. thanks, alx mouse cursor.p3d.39 geofframson@[] its because the cursor is exported into the monitory rendering, which is not at all what we want to happen. its because steamvr and our mouse cursor plugin are using vr rendering for the dashboard and dropping that cursor when you look away from the mouse cursor. this means that we need to do a manual export of the mouse cursor, which is a wrapper around the 3d context and calls its setcursor method. this allows our mouse cursor plugin to detect this change and export the cursor again. the mockups we have done at the time of writing this only exported the cursor for the rendered dashboard, so we havent had to change the protocol to export the cursor for the entire interface. ill try and get to this as soon as i get a chance.

mouse cursor.p3d.39


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