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Khalid Swift
Khalid Swift

Buy Now Pay Later Sewing Machine

At Ken's Sewing Center we offer a full-service department with over 40 years of experience. We service everything we sell, backed up by technicians that are trained by the factory on all the latest sewing machines and sergers on the market today. We love what we do since 1971. Read our story.

buy now pay later sewing machine

When I was little, I thought every woman knew how to sew and all households owned a sewing machine. My mom sewed; my grandmothers all sewed; my aunts sewed. Most of the clothes I wore were sewn by my mom, and 100% of my doll clothes were made by my mom and grandmothers. I didn't realize until I was older that not everyone knew how to sew! And then sewing became an almost dying art since it became less expensive (and certainly less labor intensive) to buy clothes than sew them yourself.

But now in the age of crafting and DIY, more and more people are taking to sewing again, and sewing is becoming a hobby for women and men alike! Sewing i