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121657 High Quality

Reduce wet floor drying time with this Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod 121657 floor dryer - 115V! This floor dryer speeds up evaporation and removes surface moisture in small spaces to quickly dry both carpets and hard surfaces under furniture and inside cabinets. Its unique design pulls in warm, dry air and directs it down through a louvered grill across the floor to dry in all directions. The motor and fan blade are also designed for quieter operation, while still ensuring powerful airflow. This floor dryer is built with a convenience outlet to allow you to daisy-chain together up to 6 Dri-Pods at once. It can fit almost anywhere due to its small, lightweight size and is easy to pick up and move. It's also stackable for simple storage, while the injection-molded housing construction and wire grill provide reliable durability. Overall Dimensions: Width: 15 3/16" Depth: 15 3/16" Height: 9 5/16" Cord Length: 10'


  • The Dri-Pod's F451 121657The Dri-Pod is a terrific compact floor dryer that works great in small spaces like closets, stairway landings, hallways, and water-damaged cabinets. One unit placed in the center of a room circulates warm, dry air from above, down and across the floor in a 360 degree pattern. Benefits to customers: Moves easily - Simply pick it up and carry it! Stacks easily for storage too. Dries faster - One unit placed in the center of a room draws warmer, drier air from above and directs it down and across the floor in a 360 degree pattern. Efficient - Cover up to 100 sq. ft. of flooring while drawing only 1.1 amps of power. Saves time - The Dri-Pod will dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly (not as fast as the AirPath, of course)! Workflow-friendly - Place the unit in the area to be dried and then leave it while you go to work on the next space. In many cases, the first room will be dry when you're finished working on the second room! Compact - Use the Dri-Pod 121657 in confined spaces like cabinets, closets or bathrooms - it fits almost anywhere.Drieaz F451 Dri-Pod Air Mover 750cfm - 15 in Air Mover (AKA: Dry Pod, Drypod, Dry-pod, Dripod) Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast!Enhance evaporation and quickly remove surface moisture with the Dri-Pod! The Dri-Pod pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill in a 360 pattern across the entire floor. With airflow up to 10 ft. across, the ultra-portable Dri-Pod is perfect for speed-drying carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood in smaller spaces. Also marketed under part number(s): AC616 VersaClean 68-195Drieaz F451253727323490B00AB257QE121657225185549612UPC 8471360003712635-0963206395 Product Features High velocity airflow enhances evaporation

  • Unique design directs air uniformly across floor in 360

  • Lightweight and highly portable

  • Stackable housing

This week we hear from several customers who have discovered how to take advantage of the Dri-Pod's compact size and versatility for drying all kinds of surfaces - from carpet and tile to upholstery. Many restorers use the Dri-Pod for mitigation jobs in residential settings. The Dri-Pods are compact - only 15 inches across - and can easily fit into cramped areas like bathrooms, closets, stairwells and smaller rooms where traditional airmovers are less effective. These small yet powerful Dri-Pods can be used with great results in the cleaning and restoration industry. Dry faster. The Dri-Pod directs air across the floor in all directions accelerate drying.Save time. Use the Dri-Pod to dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks or spills. Simply place the unit in the area to be dried, and then leave it to work while you move onto the next task.Dry confined spaces. Use the Dri-Pod in confined spaces like cabinets, closets or bathrooms - it's 15 inches wide so fits almost anywhere. Move easily. At only 10.6 lbs, the Dri-Pod is very easy to transport. Simply pick it up and carry it!shipping wt: 13#sshipping dimensions: 14" X 14" X 10"Owners ManualProduct Specifications Model Dri-Pod Direct Flow Carpet Dryer (Drieaz F451) (VersaClean 68-195) Weight 10.6 lbs. 4.8 kg Power 1.1 amps (120V) Air movement 750 CFM Dimensions (D W H) 15.2 15.2 8.9 in. 38.5 38.5 22.5 cm Construction Injection molded housing, wire grill Safety ETL approved to UL and CSA standards Brochure"This thing is tiny, but packs a punch! Great for Guys with Mini-Vans! You should sell a lot of these with ease! Great Price as well!"Albert & Tatiana ClarkVelocity Technologies, L.L.C. "The Dri-Pods are great little fans. I use them mostly for tile, carpet and upholstery. I use them every time I can for tile and hard surfaces. They are really good at drying surfaces like kitchen countertops and tile floors before I seal the grout. I also use them on upholstery where I can tip the Dri-Pods back up to blow air over the whole area. It's a super practical fan - small and compact, stacks great for transportation." -Jim Martin, Beyond Clean, Tucson, Arizona "I carry four of the Dri-Pods on my truck. They are great! Light weight and move a lot of air for the size. They stack in the truck. I put them in the room after cleaning and cycle them through the house as I clean. Customers want to buy them from me quite often. For the price especially, they are a great buy. I would suggest getting at least a couple at first."-Aaron Markham, Quality 1st Carpet Care, Inc., Tacoma, WashingtonDrieaz: Dri-Pod Air Mover 750cfm - 15 in Air Mover (AKA: Dry Pod, Drypod, Dry-pod, Dripod, DP-DRIPOD-EA) Factory may make changes in products it manufactures and markets at any time; these changes are made without obligation to change, retrofit, or upgrade any product previously sold or manufactured. Steambrite fills items by part number and not by color, shade, or feature and may previously be included or excluded. 041b061a72

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