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In many instances, existing information is needed to make inferences about the best control strategy. When feasibility tests have been conducted, data such as emission rates, noise intensity, and worker noise exposure are often available. In general, the more data available, the more options for control that are available. Options for modifying the air supply can be separated into three categories; modifying the air supply without modification of the housing components, modifying the housing components, and modifying both the air supply and housing components.

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For compressed-air-driven equipment, some additional considerations should be added to the process of defining the retrofit. First, the compressed air is typically exhausted into the atmosphere, which is a common-source of noise. As a result, with a nozzle that exhausts on the side of the equipment, the noise generated by the air will be redirected into the air. It is in these cases that both air velocity and orientation can be modified to reduce the noise further. It is important to note that the nozzle is usually installed so that the jet of air will flow parallel to the equipment so that the exhaust nozzle is not impacting the main body of the equipment.

The average number of employees that would be required to operate the machine on the second shift from the latest quarterly survey of welders is zero. The employer's records indicate that the hearing conservation program costs a little more than the initial estimate: an average of $419 per year per worker. Are either of the two engineering control options for the planer described in the previous paragraphs economically feasible

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